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Hollis man becomes Franciscan friar

October 09. 2013 5:00PM

HOLLIS — Resident Chris Bashaw took his profession vows Oct. 4 with the Franciscans of Divine Mercy and Love of God, a religious order and nonprofit church ministry of the Independent Catholic Church of the Americas, New England Diocese.

Brother Christopher is also enrolled as seminarian with the ICCA.

The Order Franciscans of Divine Mercy was founded in Franklin, Mass., by its current father guardian, the Most Rev. Father Bob Johnnene

The Order Franciscans of Divine Mercy and Love of God welcome men and women who feel called to serve God and His children without discrimination and with compassion and mercy.

The order is particularly dedicated to healing those who have been hurt by some churches’ actions of discrimination but yearn for a Catholic spirituality, liturgy and to partake of the Eucharist.

Members of the order serve as lay apostles, vowed brothers, sisters, deacons and priests in parish ministries, hospital and nursing home ministries and outreach programs to the poor, homeless, youth and seniors.

Brother Christopher is available to meet area resident needs for hospital visitations, nursing home rounds and would consider weekly services for people looking to establish a ICCA parish.

More information on the OFD and the ICCA can be found on Brother Christopher’s website:

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