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October 09. 2013 9:49PM

Coyote spotted in Claremont; residents urged to exercise caution

CLAREMONT — After a coyote was spotted in the Maple Avenue area residents are being warned to keep a close eye on their cats and dogs.

Cathy Sullivan, who is contracted as an animal control officer for the city, said she responded to Maple Avenue last week when a woman reported seeing a wolf by her apartment building Dumpster.

The woman was walking towards the Dumpster with her two-year-old daughter when she saw the animal, Sullivan said. “She was concerned about the safety.”

“She thought it was a wolf; she said it was big and gray-colored,” Sullivan said Wednesday. “We went over there that night and the paw prints were not measurable to a wolf. We are pretty sure it was a coyote.”

Sullivan said most likely the coyote was by the Dumpster looking for a meal.

“It was basically looking for a food source and there are many woods near that area so they are there,” Sullivan said.

A coyote should not be that to humans, but cats and dogs could be in danger, she said.

“I don’t believe it’s a threat. I told everyone in the area if they have pets keep them in close. That’s a wild animal it will do their thing,” Sullivan said.

Along with working for the city as animal control personnel, Sullivan also runs the Lost My Way Animal Shelter in Claremont, focusing on stray cats and dogs and at times injured wild animals.


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