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October 09. 2013 9:48PM

Fisk, Soule school additions will soon begin taking shape in Salem

SALEM — Site work is under way for renovations to Fisk and Soule elementary schools, and residents could see foundations laid and steel going up for new additions as soon as next month, according to Superintendent Michael Delahanty.

Construction fencing has been added, barriers and new walkways set up, and alternate entrances put in place at both schools, Delahanty said.

As the site work has gotten under way, there has been one minor roadblock, although Delahanty said he and contractors are hopeful it won’t cause any delays.

“They did hit some ledge at both of those schools, and it has been somewhat troublesome,” he said.

Crews at both schools will be working on the weekends to try to break up the ledge and get it out of the way.

“It has created some consternation, but I’m hopeful it won’t cause any kind of delay in the overall process,” Delahanty said.

As the construction manager on the project works on securing subcontracting contracts, Delahanty said the guaranteed maximum price for the project is close to being determined.

“The construction manager has had some contracts out for several weeks, and I know they’ve been aggressive about getting some very good bids,” said Delahanty. “We’re hopeful the price comes in at an attractive level and allow us the funds we had anticipated using for furniture, fixtures and equipment in those facilities.”

At Soule School, Delahanty said the foundation could be completed soon.

“I’m optimistic that prior to November, people will be able to see the skeleton of the new administration area and the new gymnasium,” he said. “I know it has been inconvenient for folks and it’s going to be a pain in the neck for a year, but it’s going to be a project that is well worth the frustration and the aggravation everyone has dealt with.”

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