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Page One Editorial: Vindictive Obama piles on shutdown pain


October 08. 2013 10:23PM


Think what you might about the reasons for the very partial shutdown of the federal government, make no mistake that President Obama is making it as unpleasant as possible for Americans.

Be sure to read Pat Buchanan's column on our editorial page today about Obama's vindictiveness and his shameful treatment of World War II veterans wanting what is most likely their only chance to visit the Washington memorial built in honor of their sacrifice. Some veterans just removed the "closed" signs and marched right in.

But Obama is doing the same thing at our Normandy memorials and, as of yesterday, was denying paid transportation to a U.S. air base for mourning families of servicemen just killed in Afghanistan. Yet the Air Force golf course where Obama plays remains open, and the National Mall, while "closed," was used Tuesday for a rally for liberalized immigration.

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte rightly called out the Forest Service for a further stupid and vindictive order to close 22 privately owned campgrounds in New Hampshire's White Mountains just before the Columbus Day weekend.

Obama yesterday said we cannot afford "these manufactured crises." By singling out World War II veterans and families trying to get a view of Mount Rushmore or welcome home their fallen soldiers, it is Obama who is manufacturing a crisis that is harming Americans.

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