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Kasey Trenum's Time2Save: October brings an abundant harvest of savings

Q: What should I look forward to buying in October?

A: October is an exciting time to shop! There are all sorts of items starting their sale cycles, so you can really stock up and save. Here are some of the items on sale during the month.

Candy for Halloween. You will be able to grab all kinds of treats and sweets during October. While candy is ideal for trick-or-treating, don't be afraid to stock up for baking during the year. Candy stays good for a long time, so stock up and freeze it for your baking needs.• Seasonal produce. Fall is full of an abundance of fruits and vegetables. You can find lots of fresh produce on sale in October. Don't worry if you can't use everything at once; you can always freeze, can or dry produce to use it later. Plan to stock up on apples, broccoli, cranberries, grapes, lettuce, pomegranates, pumpkins, spinach, winter squash and yams.

Products related to daylight saving time. You can find low prices on batteries, alarm clocks, carbon-monoxide detectors, fire alarms and more. Stock up on these items and make your home safer for the winter months.

Baking products. Many people bake more around the holidays, and product makers know this. In October you will begin to see deals on baking items and baking supplies such as chocolate chips, cake mixes, cookie mixes, cupcake liners, nuts, canned pumpkin, evaporated milk, sugar, sprinkles, cooking sprays, shredded coconut, marshmallows and more. These items have a long shelf life, so don't hesitate to stock up and bake all year long.

Other Halloween-related items. Keep your eyes peeled for Halloween items being marked down as the holiday approaches. You can always use dress-up items, makeup, candles, linens and other decor all year long, so stock up on these items when prices are reduced.

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