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Obama's plea: A cry, not an argument, for war

September 11. 2013 11:49PM

President Obama’s Tuesday night speech on Syria was an illogical ramble festooned with contradictions. He did not make an argument for war, he made a plea for intervention. That plea was based not on American national security or the security of our allies, but on his emotional reaction to watching horrifying videos of the victims of the gas attack he wants the United States to avenge.

Politico’s White House reporter commented online, “After listening to this speech, I really do believe the images of dead kids was the prime mover for Obama. Just like Newtown.” Bingo.

“I ask you to reconcile your belief in freedom and dignity for all people with those images of children writhing in pain, and going still on a cold hospital floor,” Obama said. He went on: “I’d ask every member of Congress, and those of you watching at home tonight, to view those videos of the attack...”

As with his rush to do something, anything, to combat gun violence after Newtown, Obama tried to rush the nation into an ill-conceived act of war because he was emotionally overcome by horrifying images. Thankfully the American people have been more level-headed than the supposedly cool, analytical President during these tests.

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