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September 09. 2013 5:47PM

Chesterfield’s Rtes. 9 & 63 intersection a safety concern for town officials

CHESTERFIELD — The Select Board plans to ask the Department of Transportation for an audit of Routes 9 and 63.

The decision was made last month and the board has just sent the request, said Town Administrator Rick Carrier.

Residents know the intersection is dangerous and warrants caution, he said.

Many motorists traveling the major east-west highway of Route 9, though, are unaware of the danger when they approach.

“The posted speed limit is 50 miles per hour through there and people sometimes go faster than that,” Carrier said.

Eastbound traffic comes over a knoll about 500 feet from the Route 63 intersection where the Route 63 traffic has stop signs to adhere to.

But it is common for motorist to shoot straight across Route 9 without stopping. The intersection can also be dangerous when Route 9 traffic is traveling too fast to react to slowed, stopped or crossing traffic at the intersection, Carrier said.

“We’ve accidents there ongoing,” Carrier said.

The Select Board members are hoping DOT would give the OK to their idea that a flashing red light be installed facing Route 63 traffic to reinforce the stop there, with a flashing yellow light for Route 9 traffic to indicate motorists should be cautious, Carrier said.

“Citizens who’ve had close calls there are concerned. It’s well-known in the town that it’s an intersection to be careful at,” Carrier said.


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