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Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: From Coos to the Sea, we've got NH covered

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

August 25. 2013 10:50PM

Happy Monday. This week's topics include "From Coos to the Sea,'' sticky notes and the funniest comment ever on a story.

"From Coos to the Sea'' is a venerable Union Leader slogan that I still like. It's what we aim to do with every issue and with the breaking news site. We cover news statewide. (And just so Colebrook's John Harrigan won't yell at me, it's not pronounced "Coos like a baby coos.'' It's "Co-oss.'')

I thought of the slogan when someone alerted us on a recent Sunday that there were no more Sunday News copies at the store in her town, and she asked where else she could buy one.

I hate it when a store runs out of our papers. But I love a good question, and that one prompted our circulation folks to show us a list of where the paper is available. It is, indeed, available from Coos to the sea. It is for sale at more than 1,500 outlets statewide. We have put the list on a map that you can access at

The list will change, of course. It grows during the tourist seasons in tourist areas. And once in awhile a store (or chain) will go out of business. But by and large, it's a solid list of where you can buy our daily and Sunday paper. If you ever notice that we are sold out at one of these accounts, please let me know.

Another reader found his paper at a store but wasn't happy. His copy had a stick-on advertisement that he needed to peel off to read what was beneath. He said it was just another little aggravation in his day, but that a day's worth of little aggravations add up.

A couple of facts about these notes:

First and foremost, they help pay the bills so that we can provide the news and information content for you, from Coos to the sea.

Second, while advertisers pay a pretty penny for a note, they get a great spot for their message.

Third, and this is a secret, these peel-off notes aggravate me, too, but only when the editor forgets one is scheduled and it lands right on top of a headline with which we are trying to sell papers, from Coos to the sea.

Ok, best is last. Derry's town manager has been accused of getting all weird, and naked, on a door-to-door DirectTV salesman.

Here was a reader's online comment, which is a riff on a current TV ad.

"When you pay too much for cable, you become a town administrator. When you become a town administrator, you get naked. When you get naked, you invite a DirectTV salesman into your home to get naked. When you invite a DirectTV salesman into your home to get naked, he cries to the police. When he cries to the police, you get an arrest warrant. Don't get an arrest warrant. Get Xfinity."

Write to Joe McQuaid at or via Twitter at @deucecrew.

Publisher's Notebook

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