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August 22. 2013 4:00PM

Overheated fan causes smoke condition at Seabrook power plant outbuilding

SEABROOK - An overheated fan in an office building at the Seabrook nuclear power plant Thursday created a small smoke condition and a big response from the local fire department.


Alan Griffith, NextEra Energy Seabrook spokesman, said there was no fire, but by procedure the local fire department was notified of the smoke smell and the building was evacuated.


Griffith said the building is one of many on the NextEra property located outside the protected area of the power plant.


But because of the location, the local fire department does not like to take any chances.


"If this was someplace else, it probably would have been a one-engine response, the captain would have called back and said we have it controlled, but because of the location, it’s a little bit more remote for us, we have a five-man crew on so it ties up our manpower and because of the location we don’t want to take any chances so we dedicate a second engine to that response," Seabrook Deputy Fire Chief Lawrence Perkins said.


The situation was reported to the Seabrook Fire Department at 2:02 p.m. and the scene was cleared by 2:47 p.m. Seabrook Station’s own fire brigade also responded.


Griffith said the overheated fan was located and the problem had no impact on plan operations.


"The building was deemed safe and everybody was back to work in a short amount of time," Griffith said.


Perkins said he was glad the situation was not any worse and said it is not a bad thing to practice their response to the nuclear power station.


"The average response is written down on paper, but it is nice to see it every now and again to feel more confident in the response to it," Perkins said.


Mutual aid was called in for station coverage.

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