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Child killer arrested in Raymond for failing to register as a sex offender

By Gretyl Macalaster
Union Leader Correspondent

July 26. 2013 10:34AM

RAYMOND - After a 14-month investigation, a convicted child killer was arrested on Thursday for failing to properly register as a sex offender.

Douglas Simmons, 52, is a Tier III sex offender who must register with the law enforcement agency where he resides on a quarterly basis.

He was convicted in the 1981 kidnapping and murder of a six-year-old Norwich, Conn., girl and served 22 years in prison before being released and moving to New Hampshire.

Raymond Police Det. Richard Labell said police received an anonymous tip Simmons was living in Raymond and the investigation began.

"The reason why it took 14 months is because it is a pretty tough crime to prove. We have to be able to prove he is actually staying here and that was the tough part until we were able to get a warrant for the GPS in his vehicle," Labell said.

Probable cause gathered to obtain that warrant included talking with co-workers and others to build the case in order to put the search warrant in front of the judge, Labell said.

Search warrants also were granted for the home police believe Simmons resides in Raymond, as well as a rooming house where he claims to be living in Manchester.

Labell said Simmons was legally registered with the Manchester Police Department and claims to be living in a boarding house at 170 Amherst St., but police disagree.

"He is alleging that he is living in Manchester, so if he is going to be staying here in Raymond for more than five days in a month, he has to go to Manchester and let them know so they can do a temporary change of address," Labell explained. So far, they have received no such notification.

Simmons has been charged with the Class B felony offense of duty to inform and is to be arraigned at the 10th Circuit Court Division in Candia on Aug. 26.

"All sex offenders should be monitored, that’s why we have the system in place. They have to register and need to register, whether it is a person of Mr. Simmons' caliber or a misdemeanor … offense, if they don't register, we are going to file warrants and investigate and make sure they do," Labell said.

Simmons was arrested in the parking lot of the local Hannaford grocery store on Thursday morning. He has been released on $5,000 personal recognizance bail.

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