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Grant provides new bus for Greenville senior citizens

Union Leader Correspondent

July 21. 2013 5:50PM

GREENVILLE — The town’s senior citizens now have a new mode of transportation thanks to a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

In August, residents of Greenville Falls Senior Housing and other citizens served by the community will benefit from a new $50,000 bus that will offer both a fixed route and rides on-demand, according to Phil Grandmaison of Southern New Hampshire Services.

The new bus, which accommodates eight passengers and two wheelchairs, will replace an older bus, according to Linda Smith of Southern New Hampshire Services.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Smith said. “A lot of people are counting on this bus.”

Currently there is one staff member and three local volunteers driving the old bus, picking up passengers at their homes and taking them to doctor’s appointments, allowing them to do their grocery shopping and banking, even bringing them to recreational activities.

“Greenville is so far from everything that people really need help getting where they need to go,” said Smith. “Just to pick up a prescription or make a bank run is a long trip, so we’re busy.”

Smith estimates there are more than 50 people from Greenville who use the bus each week, and the bus also serves some folks in surrounding communities, including Milford.

The passengers pay a small fee for the transportation services, said Smith.

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