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Sen. Shaheen's daughter: I know the NH voting rules

Senior Political Reporter

July 11. 2013 10:25PM
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and her daughter Molly are seen at a New Hampshire business development event in Washington in 2011. (FILE)

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's 28-year-old daughter, Molly Shaheen, says she splits her time between New Hampshire and Los Angeles and considered New Hampshire her home and domicile when she voted in Madbury last year.

"I'm very well-versed in the voting rules," Molly Shaheen said Thursday.

The younger Shaheen received national attention earlier this week when reports about her lingerie business, "Naked Undies," surfaced on and other web sites, as well as in the New York Daily News.

The company is registered to the Shaheen family's home address in Madbury. But the company's web site indicates its owners are based in Los Angeles.

The web site says that after "working tirelessly on the campaign trail" on her mother's behalf, "Eventually, Molly planted her roots in Los Angeles, working for top talent agencies."

The site also says Molly Shaheen and her business partner "currently reside in Beverly Hills."

Molly Shaheen's Facebook page also says she: "Lives in Los Angeles, California."

But Madbury voting records show, and Molly Shaheen said in an interview, that she voted in Madbury last year in the January presidential primary, the September party primary and the November general election.

State law says any "inhabitant of the state, having established a single established domicile for voting purposes" has the right to vote.

The statute defines "domicile for voting purposes" as "that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence for domestic, social and civil purposes relevant to participating in democratic self-government."

A layman's explanation of "domicile" on the Secretary of State's web site says, "Your domicile is that place, more than any other, where you sleep most nights of the year, or to which you intend to return after a temporary absence."

"I split my time between New Hampshire and Los Angeles," Shaheen said. "I'm not permanent in Los Angeles."

She said she "got an apartment in Los Angeles a few months ago. I was living at my parents' house when I voted in the last election. And I was in school in San Diego before that.

"I didn't even have a place in California when I voted last year," Shaheen said.

Shripal Shah, a spokesman in Sen. Shaheen's office, had no comment on this report, while attorney Bill Shaheen, Molly Shaheen's father, who registered the business in New Hampshire in 2011 as a limited liability corporation, did not return calls seeking comment.

The business specializes in "chic, versatile, timeless intimates that go from the boudoir to pooch strolling, and from a night out to a weekend away," according to its web site.

Bill Shaheen told, "I didn't pick the name. That's her name. But I encouraged her to start her own business because she's a very talented girl."

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