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Nashua company joins Gate City branding project

Union Leader Correspondent

July 10. 2013 6:56PM

Grant Morris, co-founder of New Sky Productions in Nashua, will be helping to create two promotional videos for Nashua’s new branding efforts. New Sky Productions was founded in 2009, and produces handcrafted videos for businesses and nonprofit organizations in Nashua and beyond. (COURTESY)

NASHUA — A local company has been hired to capture the cultural pulse of Nashua in two promotional videos that will be used as part of the city’s ongoing branding initiative. New Sky Productions has signed a contract with the city to create the videos, which are designed to highlight Nashua’s greatest strengths and attractions.

“We have done significant work for several flagship businesses in Nashua, so this is a big deal for us to have been selected,” said Grant Morris, co-founder of New Sky Productions based in Nashua. “It will be all hands on deck for this project.”

One 30-second video and a second 90-second video will be filmed throughout the next two months, with some of the scenes being shot next week. The videos are just one part of a larger, city-wide branding campaign costing more than $115,000 for the overall project.

“We are aiming to film recognizable landmarks in the city, showing the lifestyle of the people that live here. People often say that Nashua is great because it is close to everything, but I believe that Nashua is great simply because of what it has to offer right here, not because of its surroundings,” said Morris, an award-winning producer and photographer with roots in the Gate City.

Shots of people canoeing in the Nashua River under the Main Street Bridge, spending time in a city park, socializing at a local tavern and traveling downtown will likely be included in the videos, according to Morris.

Several different film techniques will be utilized to make the videos modern and fresh, he said, adding quick moving clouds and a time lapse of vehicles along Main Street will create a variety of visual interests for the short films.

A drone helicopter is also expected to be used to video sections of the Millyard and different, unique areas of the city, Morris said.

“The whole plan is to get more young people to move into the city, jump-start new business activity and showcase young entrepreneurs in the area,” he said. “We want people to know that young people really do live here, and we have a lot of fun in the process.”

Morris, a former photographer for the Nashua Telegraph, previously left the newspaper business to start his own company, which he said has unexpectedly blossomed in the past year. New Sky Productions has more than 80 clients, and has produced promotional videos for dozens of Nashua businesses that have been aired on television, posted online and used for educational or business training purposes.

Participating in the city’s rebranding initiative is a great opportunity for New Sky Productions, according to Morris, who thanked the mayor for trusting in his company’s abilities.

“We’re really excited that the city chose us to help represent the community in a way that is undeniably going to help put our great city on the map as the place for young professionals with innovative ideas and talent,” he added.

Morris’ business partner, John Waskey, will also be helping with the promotional videos for the city. Together, their portfolio has included local, national and international companies such as Nike, Mercy Corps, Radius Product Development, Nypro Systems and more.

Last year, the city hired North Star Destination Strategies of Tennessee and MESH Interactive Agency of Nashua to spearhead the city’s new branding campaign and help create a strapline and logo to market Nashua.

Throughout the past several months, the consulting firm has been tasked with studying Nashua’s reputation and competition, while also learning all it can about the people who have made Nashua successful and the organizations that will continue to help this city flourish.

It has been charged with creating a brand for the Gate City that will carry its reputation and deliver a specific message to outsiders. The two new promotional videos are just one aspect of the branding initiative.

Chris Williams, president of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, said previously that the branding campaign will create a clear, strong brand identity that represents various sectors of the community to promote businesses, residents and visitors to the city.

The chamber is working in conjunction with the city on the project, which will hopefully help recruit new companies into Nashua, Williams said earlier.

The city has contributed about $40,000 toward the overall branding effort, and the chamber has raised $75,000 in private funds to complete some of the work.

A new logo will be established, along with new websites and marketing material such as banners, flags, pamphlets and more.

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