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Cooper, James Pleat on course at State Am's 2nd day

New Hampshire Union Leader

July 09. 2013 8:08PM
Jim Cilley of the Canterbury Woods Country Club works out of the rough as he approachs the 18th hole during Tuesday's play of the 2013 State Amateur Championship at the Golf Club of New England in Stratham. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader)
State Am Golf Championship Results
Second Round

STRATHAM — Scores after the second round of the 2013 State Amateur Golf Championship at the Golf Club of New England:

Joe Cooper, Portsmouth 72-71—143
James Pleat, Nashua 70-73—143
Damon Salo, Shattuck GC 72-75—147
Jake Nutter, Manchester 76-71—147
Billy Forcier, Abenaqui 74-73—147
Chelso Barrett, Bretwood 75-72—147
Jamie Ferullo, Rochester 71-77—148
Nick Fairweather, Windham 75-73—148
Fletcher Sokul, Concord 75-74—149
Chris Houston, Laconia 74-75—149
Jim Cilley, Canterbury Woods 76-73—149
Michael Killam, Newport 74-77—151
Chase Dembisky, Sou Woods 76-76—152
Sean Lacey, Intervale 76-76—152
Tim Manwaring, Bretwood 77-75—152
Ryan Tombs, Manchester 81-71—152
Tom Hixon, WBTS 72-80—152
Brett Wilson, Golf Club of NE 77-76—153
Joe Leavitt, Atkinson 78-75—153
Eric Soderman, Hoodkroft 79-74—153
Ryan Kohler, Hooper GC 78-75—153
Michael Mahan, Oaks Golf 76-77—153
Connor Greenleaf, Windham 77-76—153
Chris Rivard, Manchester 78-76—154
Dylan Evans, Stonebridge 79-75—154
Michael Martel, Crotched Mtn 82-72—154
Scott Underhill,Manchester 80-74—154
Mike Peters, Portsmouth 77-78—155
Austin Fox, Intervale 76-79—155
Griffin Brown, Overlook 78-77—155
Bob Landry, Loudon 81-74—155
Chris Atwood, Rochester 78-78—156
Matthew Paradis, Derryfield 83-73—156
Hayden Maroun, Ridgewood 82-74—156
Joe Toland, Hanover 79-77—156
Phil Pleat, Nashua 79-78—157
Will McLaughlin, Concord 80-77—157
Ian Landry, Loudon 79-78—157
David Sherborne, Derryfield, 78-79-—157
Daniel Arvanitis, Derryfield 78-79—157
Josh Chamberlain, Cr Mtn. 79-79—158
Ryan Friel, Overlook 80-78—158
Chris Kelloway, Portsmouth 79-79—158
John Esterbrook, Crotched Mtn. 82-76—158
Peter Keilty, Portsmouth 82-76—158
CJ Konkowski, Rochester 79-80—159
Matthew Killam, Newport 80-79—159
Makenzie Denver, Derryfield 79-80—159
Kurt Eddins, Exeter 82-77—159
Steve Lane, Green Meadow 78-81—159
John DeVito, Indian Mound 87-73—160
Kurt Wuenschel, Baker Hill 77-83—160
Craig Steckowych, Portsmouth 80-80—160
Jon Malloy, Oaks Golf 80-80—160
Patrick Paulson, Sou Woods 80-80—160
Patrick Rahn, GC of NE 84-77—161
Jamin Somero, Crotched Mtn. 78-83—161
Bo Harris, Intervale 81-80—161
Codi Daudelin, Cochecho 80-81—161
Tyler Silver, Hanover, 82-79—161
Vince Kimball, Hanover 81-80—161
Bill Everett, Owl's Nest 81-81—162
David Larrivee, Manchester 79-83—162
Adam Godbout, Concord 79-83—162
Failed to qualify
Ryan Brogan, Nashua 80-82—162
Jeff Sullivan, Sky Meadow 84-78—162
Ricky Bergevin, Pem Pines 84-79—163
Dan Doyle, Canterbury Woods 84-79—163
Andy Hunnewell, Carter 84-79—163
Alex von Svoboda, Baker Hill 80-84—164
Justin Jennings, Green Meadow 83-81—164
Larry Nuttall, Green Meadow 80-84—164
Nicholas Kalil, Portsmouth 88-76—164
Scott Rowell, Rochester 80-84—164
Ken Nilson, Ridgewood 83-81—164
Patrick Taber, Rochester 84-80—164
Colin McGee, Pease GC 81-84—165
Jeremiah O'Neill, Windham 82-83—165
Jeffrey Rogers, Breakfast Hill 87-78—165
Josh LaCasse, Pembroke Pines 79-87—166
James McKee, Windham 85-81—166
Nick Adjutant, Rochester 86-80—166
Max Linemayr, WBTS 86-80—166
Nick Kostis, Cochecho 87-79—166
Michael Schnell, Owl's Nest 86-81—167
Kevin Ferendo, Candia Woods 91-76—167
Jonah Choe, Atkinson 87-80—167
Pete Desjardins, Atkinson 82-86—168
Rich Reeves, Canterbury Woods 84-84—168
Mike Blair, Bretwood 86-82—168
Thomas Bouchard, Nashua 82-86—168
Eric Foster, Waukewan 78-90—168
Richard Gray, Crotched Mtn 89-79—168
Andrew Hebert, Portsmouth 82-86—168
Dan Kish, Rochester 86-82—168
Nathan Roth, Hanover 85-84—169
Ryan Butler, Windham 85-84—169
Jimmy Lyndes, Portsmouth 84-85—169
Geoff Martin, Canterbury Woods 84-85—169
Tony Fournier, Portsmouth 85-84—169
Ryan Fuller, Keene 85-84—169
Jeff Weishaar, Atkinson 83-86—169
Dan Schultz, Concord 89-80—169
Alec Brunelle, Atkinson 90-79—169
Albie Powers III, Keene 82-80—171
James Branham, Sag-Hampton 87-84—171
Colin Barnea, Rochester 87-84—171
Dylan Tooch, Rochester 84-87—171
Seth Cross, Canterbury Woods 86-86—172
Curt Graham, Souhegan Woods 85-87—172
Mark Brogan, Green Meadow 86-86—172
Chris Pollet, Portsmouth 92-81—173
Tom Mareno, Manchester 88-85—173
Dan Noonan, Oaks Golf, 88-85—173
Peter Beaulieu, Atkinson 88-86—174
Adham Darwish, Laconia 83-91—174
Tim Driscoll, GC of NE 87-87—174
Charles McNeeley, CC of NH 87-87—174
Jim Jankowski, Cant Woods 85-89—174
Chris Jacques, Beaver Meadow 86-88—174
Kevin Doherty, Manchester 88-87—175
Roman Ojala, Shattuck GC 85-90—175
Daniel Mulkern, GC of NE 86-89—175
Dave Mollica, GC of NE 87-88—175
Rick Moreau, Sky Meadow, 85-91—176
David Kane, Derryfield, 81-95—176
Jack Benson, Den Brae 87-90—177
Aaron Slyman, Shattuck GC 86-91—177
Patrick McGinley, Manchester, 94-83—177
Mark Mancini, Atkinson 97-81—178
Todd Becker, Intervale 89-89—178
Patrick Mahan, Intervale 93-85—178
Zach Pollard, Hanover 90-89—179
Eric Whitmore, Atkinson 89-91—180
Charles Felch, Pease 84-97—181
Dave Mattson, Concord, 98-88—186
Glenn Guillemette, Oaks Golf 96-91—187
Steve Schultz, Blackmount 94-93—187
Michael Vedrani, Pease GC 93-94—187
Steve Denver, Derryfield 92-95—187
Bill Cahill, Nashua 95-92—187
Kell Traffie, Crotched Mtn. 98-93—191
Thomas Ellis III, Eastman 100-95—195
Wayne Farmer, Den Brae 107-89—196
Wednesday Matches
8 a.m.: Cooper vs. Godbout; 8:08: Atwood vs Toland; 8:16: Lacey vs. Konkowski; 8:24: Tombs vs. Matthew Killam; 8:32: Fairweather vs. Harris; 8:40: Martel vs. Phil Pleat; 8:48: Sokul vs. Daudelin; 8:56: Evans vs. Kelloway; 9:04 Barrett vs. Silver; 9:12: Brown vs. Ian Landry; 9:20: Hixon vs. DeVito; 9:28: Leavitt vs. Keilty; 9:36: Nutter vs. Rahn; 9:44: Peters vs. Sherborne.

9:52: Michael Killam vs. Malloy; 10:00: Michael Mahan vs. Friel; 10:08: James Pleat vs. Larrivee; 10:16: Fox vs. Maroun; 10:24: Dembisky vs. Lane; 10:32: Soderman vs. Denver; 10:40: Ferullo vs. Kimball; 10:48: Rivard vs. McLaughlin; 10:56: Cilley vs. Paulson; 11:04: Greenleaf vs. Esterbrook; 11:12: Forcier vs. Everett; 11:20: Bob Landry vs. Paradis; 11:28: Manwaring vs. Wuenschel; 11:36: Kohler vs. Eddins; 11:44: Salo vs. Somero; 11:52: Underhill vs. Arvanitis; Noon: Houston vs. Steckowych; 12:08 p.m. Wilson vs. Chamberlain

STRATHAM — The format for this year's New Hampshire State Amateur Golf Championship will change for today's third round, and the look of the course will likely change with it.

Golf Club of New England member Brett Wilson said the 64 golfers who survived two days of stroke play could see a layout that's drastically different when match play begins this morning.

"I'm confident we won't be playing the same golf course tomorrow," Wilson said Tuesday, after advancing to match play with a two-day total of 153 on his home course. "On this course they can make long par 4s short par 4s. They can make long par 5s short par 5s. They can turn par 4s into par 5s. There's a lot of options at this golf course. We saw it last year at the (USGA) Junior Amateur (also played at the Golf Club of New England).

"Invariably the golf association changes up the golf course. They like to create those match-play situations. It will be fun."

Portsmouth Country Club's Joe Cooper and Nashua Country Club's James Pleat earned co-medalist honors by posting the lowest score during the two days of stroke play. Each shot a 1-under-par 143.

Cooper is a Wayland, Mass., resident who spends his summers in Hampton. He plays college golf at Bowling Green.

Cooper has played in the Mass. State Am, but this is his first State Am in New Hampshire.

Pleat shot a 2-under-par 70 on Monday, and finished with a 73 Tuesday. He was the medalist at the 2011 State Am, which was played on his home course.

"I think I hit it just as good (Tuesday)," Pleat said. "Couple putts here and there didn't go in. I'm pretty happy after two rounds, for sure."

After a round of match play slices the field to 32 today, the tournament will feature two rounds of match play on both Thursday and Friday before Saturday's scheduled 36-hole final.

The cut came at 162 and Atkinson resident Joe Leavitt, last year's State Am champion, is among those who qualified for match play. He followed up his 6-over-par 78 on Monday with a 75 Tuesday.

Leavitt, 19, spent his freshman season playing golf at Florida Southern University, but has transferred and will play for the University of Rhode Island next season. He attended high school at Central Catholic in Lawrence, Mass., and plays out of Atkinson Resort & Country Club.

"At this point it's all about getting into match play," Leavitt said. "Most of my biggest wins have been match play. It suits my game. I'm looking forward to it."

Leavitt is one of five past champions who qualified for this year's tournament. The others are Craig Steckowych (Portsmouth Country Club), Dan Arvanitis (Derryfield Country Club), Phil Pleat (Nashua Country Club) and Jim Cilley (Canterbury Woods Country Club). Like Leavitt, the other four past champions played their way to match play. Phil Pleat is James' father.

Bretwood Golf Club's Chelso Barrett won the Ty Abate Award, which is presented annually to the golfer age 19 or younger who posts the lowest score in match play. Barrett, 18, finished stroke play with a 147.

Rochester Country Club's Jamie Ferullo began the day in second place, one shot behind Pleat, but had to battle his way to a 77 Tuesday. Ferullo helped Spaulding High School in Rochester win Division II hockey championships in 2006 and 2007, and then played at Providence College.

Concord Country Club's Dave Mattson made a hole in one on the 14th hole, a 176-yard par 3. Mattson shot a 186 and failed to make the cut.

Today's first match is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m.

"Even if it's someone you've never heard of they can still beat you," James Pleat said. "Definitely be wary of whoever you're playing because there are a lot of good players out here. Anything can happen in match play."


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