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Racists forever: The left’s view of America

June 25. 2013 6:46PM

The U.S. Supreme Court interjected some sanity into the never-ending national debate on voting rights on Tuesday. Naturally, the left reacted hysterically, predicting a return to Jim Crow.

The court, by a 5-4 vote, struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 as unconstitutional. The Constitution gives some authority over voting laws to both the states and the federal government. Section 4 takes all authority for the federal government, stripping several states of their constitutional right to set voting procedures.

Until now, the court had held that such an extraordinary step was justified by the pernicious racial discrimination in those places. But nearly half a century later, the evidence shows that such systematic discrimination is dissipated. Minorities in many of the covered states vote at higher percentages than whites do. The Department of Justice challenges only 0.1 percent of the voting laws proposed in the covered jurisdictions.

The court on Tuesday decided that requiring these select states to get federal approval for any election law change for the next quarter century was an unconstitutional usurpation of those states’ constitutionally guaranteed powers. For that, the court was called racist, and we all were told that voting rights would be stripped systematically.

But the decision did not overturn the VRA. It held simply that the law’s provision giving Washington the power to pre-approve every election law change in these states was unconstitutional. That is plainly true. The left’s predictable reaction showed two things. One: As a movement, the left cares about power, not the Constitution. Two: It clings to the guiding belief that Americans are inherently racist and the only remedy is the guiding hand of Washington.

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