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Nashua insult: An alderman's outrageous proposal

June 06. 2013 11:50PM

Nashua Alderman Lori Wilshire has proposed an ordinance that would ban a new establishment from selling alcohol within 500 feet of a school. This week she admitted that her intention was to prevent the Nashua Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 483 from moving into the Crown Hill Fire Station, which is next to Dr. Norman W. Crisp Elementary School. If aldermen did not have enough reason to kill this proposal before, they do now.

The VFW post left its old home and is looking for a new one in Nashua. Its leaders like the old fire station. Being a VFW post, alcohol is served to members. Wilshire finds it just terrible that such a thing would take place next door to a school. It is so terrible, she thinks, that the city should ban it.

She told The Telegraph of Nashua, which broke the story of her intended target, that she has nothing against the veterans. "It's protecting school kids from having a liquor license in their front yard and literally, that building is on the same lot as the school."

Protecting kids from adults consuming any alcohol within 500 feet of them. Hmm. What does Alderman Wilshire think happens when those children go home for dinner? Does no parent in Nashua have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner or a drink on the back porch on a lovely summer afternoon?

The proposal is ridiculous on its face. That Wilshire's motivation was to keep the VFW away from a school makes it outrageous.

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