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Exeter's 'Graduation Crashers' screenplay: Sex, drugs, drinking

Union Leader Correspondent

June 07. 2013 12:44AM

EXETER — Here are excerpts from the screenplay "Graduation Crashers" obtained by the New Hampshire Union Leader. The manuscript is part of a police investigation that has led to the resignation of two teachers and the paid administrative leave of a third at Exeter High School.

The screenplay tells the story of a group of high school teachers — including the three named as authors on the first page of the manuscript's 104 pages — who crash graduation parties.

Some scenes take place at the teachers' homes while others are in classrooms, homes of students, and at a jail.


None of the scenes show teachers engaging in sex acts with students.



In one scene, a teacher is "in his bedroom laying on his bed in S&M gear" and at one point a whip cracks in the background, according to the script.

In another scene, a teacher is at his desk "in his classroom with a hot mom sitting in a chair beside him. The hot mom is touching (his) leg."

The "Hot Mom" then explains that she's going on a business trip to California and needs her son to pass economics. She asks the teacher if there's anything she can do to help him pass. The teacher smiles and says, "Well, there is one thing." The script then implies that a sex act was performed.

During a scene in a school cafeteria, a "beautiful blonde" walks across the room who turns out to be a community college intern.

A teacher gets a "glazed look" as he imagines himself with the girl at his house. The next scene shows the teacher at home with the girl, who gives him a massage that leads to a sexual act.

On the night of the "graduation ceremonies" at the fictitious Biltmore High School, a teacher asks, "Are we really going to do these parties?" Another replies, "The record is 18 in a weekend. Get on board."

The next scene is in a police holding cell with the teacher handcuffed to a bench.

An officer asks, "How could you? You're a teacher. Drunk and handcuffed in a dark remote park."

The teacher responds, "I have no idea, but I have a feeling that these two do."

The camera pans out to show two girls in their early 20s handcuffed to each of (the teacher's) arms.

Other scenes show four teachers in a car — with freshmen in the trunk — who are "ready for the night's festivities," according to the script.

At one point, a teacher says "it's payback time" and "pulls out a .38 caliber revolver and starts to exit the car" before he's stopped by another teacher who asks, "Whoa, dude, that's a little extreme. But I do hope that you still have that concealed weapon permit."

The script also describes teachers engaged in drinking games with students.

When one male graduate passes out, the teachers strip the student to his underwear and use a marker to draw a sexual image on his face. A teacher then takes a picture and posts the photo on a gay dating site.

At the end of the screenplay, an administrator tells the teachers, "For too long I have had to deal with disrespect, disloyalty, and general lack of quality from these men. Last night, they crossed the line; drinking with students, using narcotics, even engaging in sexual activity with parents. They are an embarrassment to the profession and need to be fired immediately."

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