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June 05. 2013 8:28PM

Former state Rep. Osgood wins District 4 House seat

CLAREMONT — A self-described conservative Republican, former state representative Joe Osgood won the special election Tuesday for a House seat vacated by state Rep. Thomas Donovan, a Democrat, earlier this year.

Osgood won with 322 votes against the 246 votes garnered by another former state representative, Democrat Larry Converse.

Elected to Sullivan County’s District 4 House seat last fall, Donovan announced his resignation in February, citing personal reasons. Donovan was a state representative from 1992 to 2000 and 2002 to 2010.

Osgood is well-known in the area. He was a police officer for 19 years and then chief for 15 years in Cornish. He is a lifelong city resident and owns and runs Joe’s Family Car Care.

Osgood first became a state representative during a special election in 2005. He continued to serve after that. When the wards in Claremont were redistricted, he decided to run for state Senate so that he would not be competing with the two other Republican state representatives in his newly assigned ward.

Through he won all three Claremont wards in the Senate election, he lost in the Hanover-Lebanon area, where he is not well-known, he said.

When Donovan stepped down, Osgood said he thought he would be a good candidate.

Osgood said he is well-known in Claremont for telling it like it is. “If it’s brown, it’s brown, and I won’t call it anything else.”

Osgood said he is a strong supporter of government, but doesn’t believe in increasing taxes to expand government.

Speaking to voters on Tuesday outside the polls, Osgood said a lot of the voters seemed more concerned about taxes than in the past.

“People are finally waking up. Of course I’ve been a small-government, low-tax guy all along, but it seems there are other people that are beginning to look that way, too. I’m encouraged,” Osgood said.


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