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Gate City Musings: A round of cheers and jeers

June 02. 2013 6:31PM

Editor's note: Gate City Musings, a column on City Hall happenings and other Nashua items, is published every other Monday. It is written by a veteran political observer whose identity is known to the editors but who wishes to remain anonymous, and breathing.

Cheers to those veterans, patriotic citizens and elected officials who turned out for this year's Memorial Day Parade, which was one of best in years in spite of the cool weather. Also, loud cheers to the speaker of the day, Merrimack's Ed Lecius, for his stirring words.

Jeers to those aldermen and alderwomen and other city officials, as well as Nashua legislative delegation members, who were among the missing.

One would think that those aldermen who are up for election this fall would have had the patriotic spirit and intelligence to march along with their colleagues who showed strong support for our veterans.

Cheers to Nashua High School Principal Dave Ryan who, for the past seven years, has been offering free or discounted parking to students who qualified for free or reduced-cost meals.

Jeers to school officials and the Board of Education for complaining. After this well-meaning attempt by Principal Ryan to assist financially disadvantaged North students, what made these parsimonious folks finally wake up? Additional jeers to School Board member Sandy Ziehm, who said there were a lot of things her board should approve. Which ones? And where have you been all these years, Sandy?

Cheers to the members of the Legislature who chose not to burden taxpayers any more than possible by turning down proposed huge raises in gas taxes and fees.

Jeers to State Rep. Dave Campbell and his cohorts, and Nashua's own Chamber of Commerce President Christopher Williams, for their extremely strong support for more taxes.

An additional chorus of jeers to the Nashua Chamber exec who pledged to get more aggressively engaged on the gas tax increase next time around and at the same time said those who opposed such taxes were doing so in "knee-jerk" action. Talk about a knee jerk!

Apparently, the Chamber leadership and its members don't believe that the best way to reduce taxes is to reduce spending.

Cheers and Jeers to the Chamber on another front: Prexy Williams is one of a small group of rail enthusiasts appointed to yet another rail transportation study group.

He and his colleagues will meet every three months as a group, to assist representatives from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and the consulting agencies hired to facilitate this study. Among other things, the study will attempt to prove a commuter rail system will be economically feasible for Nashua and our state.

Jeers to the group if they say a commuter rail system will not result in new taxes for our already beleaguered Gate City taxpayers. It won't happen, boys and girls.

Continued cheers to those state legislators who had the courage to vote for additional gambling to help the Granite State out of its financial hole.

More jeers to the "progressive" state legislators who once again buried their heads in the sand in opposition to casino gambling. It isn't that the Granite State doesn't already have wagering. In fact, we were the first state in the nation to have a lottery and we have all kinds of "charitable" gambling going on in just about every nook and cranny in our great state.

Cheers to Ward 3 Alderman Diane Sheehan for her concern that proposed legislation allowing overnight parking on certain streets in a crowded section of our city could possibly increase crime and add density to an already crowded section of our city.

One City Hall wag was overheard to say that if the aldermen are going to allow overnight parking in one section of the city, why not allow it throughout the city. She then went on to state the obvious, that "what's good for the goose should be the same for the gander."

Cheers to City Treasurer Dave Fredette for getting the city's tax bills out early and without any mistakes/errors this time around.

Jeers to those responsible for the 2014 city budget. The mayor, Board of Aldermen and the Board of Education are the folks who want to take more out of our pockets with nary a concern of taxpayers. Anyone who tells us there won't be any fat in the new budget is smoking something stronger than corn silk.

Remember ... if you have a subject, complaint or praise about what our city officials are up to or you have a suggestion for "kudos," email them to Musings would love to hear from you.

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