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Memorial boys take city track meet for 10th straight year

May 17. 2013 11:27PM
Trinity's Romeo Masuku competes in the long jump during the City Track and Field Championships held at Memorial High School on Friday. (Thomas Roy/Union Leader)

MANCHESTER - They run, jump and throw without a glaring weakness on the depth chart. The boys of Manchester Memorial are consistent, too, winning the Manchester City Track and Field Meet at the Clem Lemire Athletic Complex for the 10th year in a row.

Junior Shawn Case, who personifies the overall talent and strategy of the Crusaders, won the 110-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, triple jump and pole vault. Case alone racked up 24 points, and Memorial crushed the five-team field with 130 points. Central was runner-up at 54 points, followed by Trinity High (52), West (25) and Derryfield School of Manchester.

"We have a lot of guys who are good at a variety of events," Memorial coach Tom Lynch said. "We may not have a super stud, but our guys are very versatile."

The Central girls, narrowly defeated by Memorial in last year's city meet, scored 113 points to beat Memorial (78), West (31), Trinity (31) and Derryfield (10).

Memorial senior Zach Reynolds won the 1,600 meters with a strong finish, posting a personal-best time of 4 minutes, 34.82 seconds. An hour later, Reynolds locked onto the inside lane and won the 800 meters at 2:08.26. Sophomore Brett Hoerner continued a breakout season, capturing second place in the 1,600 and fourth place in the 800.

"Zach ran so hard in the 1,600 that I really didn't think he could win the 800," Lynch said.

The Crusaders racked up dozens of points on field events. Kris Burke won the discus at 135 feet, 11 inches, and Adam O'Neil eked out a javelin victory (133 feet, 3 inches) by defeating Trinity's Matt McDevitt by 2 inches.

The Central girls dominated the distance runs, taking five of the top six spots in the 1,600 and 3,200. Derryfield's Casey Hecox won the 1,600 at 5:40.71, followed by a convoy of Central runners, including Carolyn Larkins, Holly Webster, Eliza Conrad, Rebecca Walker and Laurel Gagnon.

"The city meet is where the team comes together. There's a lot of team spirit, showing our Central pride, and we really like to win," said Gagnon, a senior, who took third in the 3200.

Gagnon, of Hooksett, was described by her teammates as an "inspirational runner" and awesome violinist.

"I really believe in leading by example instead of trying not to be bossy and pushy," said Gagnon, asked about her leadership skills. "I try to set an example for the younger girls. We work together and have a positive attitude."

Gagnon, home-schooled since kindergarten, plans to attend Park University in Missouri and continue refining her musical talents. She has been playing violin since age 3 and has twice played with the Granite State Symphony.

"It's my passion. It's like my voice. I can perform my thoughts that I can't do through words," said Gagnon, whose younger brother, Abram, won the 3,200 for the Little Green.

Central soph Maryjune Lachance took the 400 and 800 meters, and senior Meg Brockett won the 3,200. Trinity freshman Amanda Torres made an impressive debut in the city meet, winning the 100 at 13.25 and the 200 at 27.46.

Manchester Track and Field Meet

Boys: Memorial 130, Central 54, Trinity 52, West 25, Derryfield 4

100m - Romeo Masuku, Trinity, 11.82; Nick Vratsenes, Central, 11.96; Saikou Bah, Trinity, 12.04; Cameron Brownlie, West, 12.06; Malik Campbell-Green, Memorial, 12.15

200m - Nick Vratsenes, Central, 23.67; Christien Johnson, Central, 24.06; Saikou Bah, Trinity, 24.55; Jacob Coutu, Memorial, 24.72; Cameron Brownie, West, 24.87

400m - Jacob Coutu, Memorial, 52.55; Dylan Kraus, Memorial, 53.68; Christien Johnson, Central, 53.92; Byrne Cronin, Trinity, 55.03; Patrick Kiritsy, Central, 55.84

800m - Zach Reynolds, Memorial, 2:08.26; Nicholas Boire, Trinity, 2:09.38; Adam Frizzell Vargas, Memorial, 2:11.31; Brett Hoerner, Memorial, 2:14.65; Carlos Turner, Trinity, 2:16.19

1600m - Zach Reynolds, Memorial, 4:34.82; Brett Hoerner, Memorial, 4:35.56; Ehsun Farooq, West, 4:42.79; Chaim Tendler, West, 4:45.66; Sam Richmond, Derryfield, 4:54.61

3200m - Abram Gagnon, Central, 10:15.60; Davis Clark, Memorial, 10:16.65; Sam Richmond, Derryfield, 10:56.69; Ryan Nordle, Central, 11:01.87; Scott Hill, West, 11:02.72

110m hurdles - Shawn Case, Memorial, 16.58; Joren Hayes, Memorial, 18.04; Tyler Palmer, Memorial, 19.05; Joseph Discua, Memorial, 19.32; Reid Cote, West, 19.41

300m hurdles - Shawn Case, Memorial, 43.34; Joren Hayes, Memorial, 43.68; Geoff Tacker, Memorial, 46.07; Anuj Khadka, Central, 46.69; Chaim Tendler, West, 46.91

4x100 relay - West (Brownlie, Springer-Ingram, Nyemah, Kpee), 46.21; Central (Johnson, Yanchar, Pasqual, Vratsenes), 46.28; Trinity (Hughes, Bah, Rhodes, Masuku), 46.70; Memorial (Elhassasn, Ombati, Hall, Campbell-Green), 49.85

4x400m relay - Memorial (Coutu, Hoerner, Discua, Reynolds), 3:44.12; Central (Kiritsy, Johnson, Garrell, Khadka), 3:47.46; Trinity (Fitzgibbon, Cronin, Boire, Turner), 3:55.81; West (Tendler, Gomes-Boisvert, Farooq, Nosal), 4:10.62

High jump - Tyler Palmer, Memorial, 5-7; Patrick Kiritsy, Central, 5-4; Reid Cote, West, 5-1; Caleb Grenon, Memorial, 5-1

Pole vault - Shawn Case, Memorial, 11-9; Tyler Palmer, Memorial, 11-9; Reid Cote, West, 9-3; Joseph Discua, Memorial, 9-3; Connor Snarski, Memorial, 8-3

Long jump - Romeo Masuku, Trinity, 18-9; Stephen Letvinchuk, Trinity, 17-9; Cameron Brownlie, West, 17-6; Brad Rhodes, Trinitiy, 16-9; Lucas Garner, Memorial, 16-9

Triple jump - Shawn Case, Memorial, 40-11; Stephen Letvinchuk, Trinity, 39-3.5; Lucas Garner, Memorial, 37-8; Joren Hayes, Memorial, 37-3; Patrick Fitzgibbon, Trinity, 35-4

Shot put - DeCory Francis, Central, 42-3.5; William MacDonald, Memorial, 40-8.5; Dan Pratte, Trinity, 39-9; Kris Burke, Memorial, 38-8.5; Dan Pasqual, Central, 37-7.5

Discus - Kris Burke, Memorial, 135-11; James Irving, Memorial, 131-10; DeCory Francis, Central, 117-7; Justin Sirois, Trinity, 110-0; Russell Pallas, Trinity, 107-7

Javelin - Adam O'Neil, Memorial, 133-3; Matt McDevitt, Trinity, 133-1; Nick Vratsenes, Central, 132-6; William MacDonald, Memorial, 128-1; Dan Pasqual, Central, 118-11

Girls: Central 113, Memorial 78, West 31, Trinity 31, Derryfield 10

100m - Amanda Torres, Trinity, 13.25; Chinese Gbaley, Memorial, 13.48; Alex Higgins, Trinity, 13.75; Shauri Gilot, Memorial, 13.93; Nicole Assetta, Trinity, 14.08

200m - Amanda Torres, Trinity, 27.46; Chinese Gbaley, Memorial, 28.41; Chelsea Desmarais, Central, 29.21; Desirae LeBlanc, Memorial, 29.62; Hamida Hassan, Central, 29.89

400m - Maryjune Lachance, Central, 1:03.83; Rebecca Farren, Central, 1:04.09; Chelsea Desmarais, Central, 1:05.13; Meagan Nault, Memorial, 1:09.08; Desirae LeBlanc, Memorial, 1:09.15

800m - Maryjune Lachance, Central, 2:30.79; Rachel Avard, West, 2:34.27; Delaney Kimball, Trinity, 2:38.14; Laura Clark, Central, 2:39.37; Meghan Menard, Trinity, 2:43.66

1600m - Casey Hecox, Derryfield, 5:40.71; Carolyn Larkins, Central, 5:57.52; Holly Webster, Central, 6:02.97; Eliza Conrad, Central, 6:04.10; Rebecca Walker, Central, 6:07.37

3200m - Meg Brocket, Central, 11:54.51; Casey Hecox, Derryfield, 11:56.01; Laurel Gagnon, Central, 12:11.43; Emily Harris, Central, 12:21.21; Jennifer Murphy, Central, 12:50.93

100m hurdles - Danira Ibrahimovic, Memorial, 17.35; Natasha Cote, Trinity, 17.39; Ajla Mustafic, Central, 18.50; Hannah Avard, West, 18.51; Kiki DiGiantommaso, Memorial, 18.53

300m hurdles - Danira Ibrahimovic, Memorial, 49.78; Ajla Mustafic, Central, 51.53; Alanis Pope, Memorial, 55.19; Kiki DiGiantommaso, Memorial, 57.44; Miranda Piscopo, West, 58.45

4x100m relay - Trinity (Cote, Higgins, Torres, Assetta), 52.81; Central (Hassan, Nelson, Somers, Vaillancourt), 53.85; Memorial (Gbaley, Gilot, DiGiantommaso, Bah), 56.85

4x400m relay - Central (Tucker, Jacques, Webster, Conrad), 4:30.29; West (Avard, Avard, Piscopo, Bolduc), 4:44.04; Memorial (Gbaley, Faulkner, Tetreault, LeBlanc), 4:45.98

High jump - Sarah Vaillancourt, Central, 5-0; Danira Ibrahimovic, Memorial, 4-7; Allyson Griffith, West, 4-4; Samantha Somers, Central, 4-4; Rebecca Farren, Central, 4-4

Pole vault - Kelsey Lee-Donnelly, Memorial, 8-3; Samantha Edwards, Memorial, 7-6; Jailyn Discua, Memorial, 7-0

Long jump - Sarah Vaillancourt, Central, 15-2; Danira Ibrahimovic, Memorial, 15-0; Samantha Somers, Central, 14-9; Allie Hebert, West, 14-4; Miranda Piscopo, West, 14-.5

Triple jump - Sarah Vaillancourt, Central, 32-1.5; Alexandra Nelson, Central, 31-10.5; Kelsey Lee-Donnelly, Memorial, 31-6.5; Samantha Somers, Central, 30-6; Allyson Griffith, West, 29-7

Shot put - Grace Adekoya, West, 31-3; Dominique Pascoal, Central, 30-1.5; Alexa Wheeler, Central, 29-9; Mihaela Ghita, West, 28-2; Mercy Adesina, Memorial, 26-4

Discus - Gabrielle Sinotte, Memorial, 95-5; Mihaela Ghita, West, 90-6.5; Dominique Pascoal, Central, 76-8; Alexa Wheeler, Central, 70-4; Melinda Aubin, Memorial, 67-11

Javelin - Dominique Pascoal, Central, 115-1; Meghan Six, Memorial, 90-11; Chantal Dobson, Memorial, 83-3; Tamra Holt, West, 81-11; Bella Littlefield, Trinity, 77-6

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