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The newest speed bump to be installed in the Goffstown High School parking lot has opened its very own Twitter account. HENRY METZ (HENRY METZ/Union Leader Correspondent)

Speed bump 'replies' to students at Goffstown High School

GOFFSTOWN - It's not a case of "if the walls could talk," but it's close.

The newest speed bump to be installed in the Goffstown High School parking lot has its very own Twitter account, and apparently it's well aware of the trashing it is getting on another social media site - Facebook.

In a pair of tweets Tuesday night, the speed bump account had some choice words for students who don't much appreciate that it is slowing down exiting the lot.

"Saw some people talking about me on Facebook, #sorry but I'm here to stay," went the first tweet, minus a pair of unprintable words. "Happy Birthday to Me! Hoping to make new friends at GHS! Especially with @gcaine82 he seems pretty cool" went the second tweet.

And while the tweets give readers the impression that there is a single speed bump at the high school, there are actually a series of them in front of the school as well as behind it.

The speed bumps were installed last weekend, according to school officials, and now they're getting the thumbs down from some lead-footed student drivers.

The new speed bump "was a big topic of conversation among the seniors," said English teacher Jennifer Beauchemin yesterday. "They asked me, 'what do you think about the speed bump?' and I told them that I'm not that emotionally invested in it."

Beauchemin laughed when told that the GHS speed bump had opened a Twitter account to defend itself against the harsh teenage criticism. "Hey, I say anything to get the kids to slow down is a good thing," she said.

As of 9:51 p.m. on Tuesday, the GHS speed bump had five followers and was following 134 other Twitter accounts.

SAU 19 Superintendent Stacy Buckley laughed also when told that the speed bump had taken to social media to justify its existence. And while she said she appreciated the humor behind the tweets, the yellow strips of plastic bolted into the asphalt are an important public safety tool with a serious mission.

"Yes, we've had some issues with people tending to go really fast" in the parking lot, she said. "This will slow them down a bit."

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