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Home grown: Cheaper medical marijuana

May 06. 2013 7:29PM

Gov. Maggie Hassan says she favors medical marijuana, but not allowing patients to grow their own. That is a change from her Senate days, when she supported a bill that allowed patients to grow small quantities for themselves. She was right the first time.

The medical marijuana bill pending in the Senate would require that anyone authorized to use medical marijuana have both a doctor's prescription and an ID card issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. It restricts patients to three plants, 12 seedlings and no more than six ounces of marijuana, just two ounces if traveling.

Hassan says patients should have to get their marijuana from the alternative care centers created by the bill. But it would authorize only five, and the state has 18 months to authorize them. If you are dying of cancer, what do you do until then? If you live an hour or more from one of the authorized centers, and your chemotherapy has made you too weak to drive, what do you do? You suffer until someone can drive you, or you pay (if you can) for an authorized person to deliver it.

If patients are not to be permitted to grow their own, there should be many more alternative care centers than this bill allows. But it would be better for patients if they could grow small amounts at home.

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