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Your Turn, NH: Public schools are undermining the foundations of our country

April 07. 2013 3:39PM

It really breaks my heart to see what our public school system has become. I heartily agree with Kathy Sullivan's statement in her April 2 column that education is the key to retaining our greatness in the world. But since the 1960s we have fallen farther and farther back in the race to the top, educationally speaking. I take exception with Sullivan in her defense of a "pure" public school system. Only a radical progressive mind would advocate total government control.

We do need the support of local elected officials. But the thought of simply throwing money at education is a sad joke. Since the inception of the U.S. Department of Education, we have gone downhill in our quality of education. What the government funds, the government controls. This is why they are legitimately called "government schools," a term Sullivan mocks. At the local level, Sullivan refers to the neglect caused by local officials. What the radical left calls neglect, the average God-fearing public calls stewardship.

The left cannot justify the need for more money by past performance. We need more school choice from every source we can find, whether charter schools or assistance to private schools. Last time I checked, every Catholic homeowner in this great city pays through the nose for property taxes! And for what result?

Thank God (another despised reference by the radical left) for those companies that did contribute to the fund to aid in tuition payments for private schools, whatever they happen to be. These education-conscious companies want the best for the students. The left has demonized anything out of state control for decades. We, the people, need to wake up. Since LBJ, the trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty have had no effect. We are now at the highest poverty rate since the 60s due to liberal, progressive policies. How did we get here? The answer is simple to anyone who will keep an open mind to the following information.

Sullivan mocks the curriculum of religious schools, speaking of a "far right" agenda. Really? I urge all fair-minded readers, especially the under-40 crowd, to research the Humanist Manifesto. It was developed in the 1930s to remove God from American society and take control of our public education system, and they have all but succeeded. In today's public school classroom, social engineering trumps the three Rs. Secular humanism describes itself as the official state "religion," a religion that is publicly funded!

In our public schools, religion is ridiculed and banned. Some schools have adopted the International Baccalaureate program, which teaches anti-U.S., pro-socialist agendas. Public schools teach that Republicans are for the rich and Democrats for the common people. This is a lie on its face and "opinion" at best, but being taught in the public classroom as fact!

Social studies classes are pushing the Darwinist theories as fact. OK, please describe just one example of macro-evolution. Never happened! Explain the origin of life. Cannot be done. Our kids are being indoctrinated into the godless, socialist mold, which fails everywhere it is tried.

We all need to listen to Barack Obama's audio of his book "Dreams From My Father," in which he proclaims in his own voice that in college he hung with the radical students and sought out Marxist professors. America, we are in trouble. It manifests itself through the public education program and the mounting national debt. It is seen in our growing poverty rate and dead economy. God Bless America, please!

Michael Buczynski is a quality engineer in Manchester.

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