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March 12. 2013 6:22PM

Windham voters deciding on new middle school

WINDHAM -- The afternoon showers didn't deter the determined citizens who came out to urge their neighbors to vote for – or against Article 2, a bond item for the construction of a new middle school on Londonderry Bridge Road.

Residents Kevin Fitzgerald and Holly Breton stood under a tarp outside Windham High School wearing heavy sweatshirts and asking voters to consider the new middle school.

"If this passes it will alleviate the crowding situation for kids in grades one through eight," Fitzgerald said. "We're really in dire straits right now with the school situation," Breton added. "Right now we're about 700 students over capacity, and this will get worse in the years ahead."

Across the pathway, Ken Eyring of the Windham Taxpayers Coalition (WTC) was of opposing opinion,

Eyring and other members of the WTC believe a new middle school would become a huge burden on taxpayers in the years to come.

"A lot of folks I've talked to today have agreed,"? Eyring said Tuesday afternoon. "I've gotten a lot of thumbs up thanking me for sharing all the information. It's been slow but we've seen a steady stream of supporters.?

As of 3:30 p.m., around 2,040 citizens had cast votes in Windham. Last year a total of 2,900 people voted in town elections, poll workers said.

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