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NHGOP launches web site chiding Hassan's 'House of Cards' budget plan

Senior Political Reporter

March 01. 2013 4:31PM

"Reject Maggie Hassan's irresponsible 'House of Cards' budget," says a new website launched Friday afternoon by the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Ratcheting up its attacks on the Democratic governor and her decision to include $80 million in casino licensing fee revenue in her proposed fiscal 2014-2015 budget, the NHGOP has put up, which urges visitors to "sign the petition for a balanced budget today."

"She has built a fiscally irresponsible house of cards that could collapse at any moment," the web site says.

The state Democratic Party chair, Raymond Buckley, called the site "silly" and "utter nonsense."


The Republican site also chides the governor for calling for an end to the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Fund.

GOP chair Horn said, "Governor Hassan is gambling with New Hampshire's future and constructing a fiscally irresponsible house of cards that could collapse at any minute. Her proposal is so reckless that even prominent Democrats including Attorney General Michael Delaney and House Finance Chairman Mary Jane Wallner are speaking out against it and call her plan a 'mistake.'

"New Hampshire deserves a governor who is willing to show leadership and propose a responsible budget that does not rely on phony, fraudulent and illegal gambling revenue to balance our books," Horn says. "Republicans are committed to exposing the devastating impact of the governor's budget and proposing real solutions to preserve the state's fiscal integrity and maintain the New Hampshire Advantage."

Buckley countered, "As Bobby Jindal said, the GOP needs to stop being the 'stupid party' and they should start right here in NH. The New Hampshire Republican Party must believe the voters of NH are stupid, but the voters are not and they are not going to fall for such utter nonsense like this silly web site. New Hampshire voters are actually asking where are the ideas and solutions from (House Republican Leader) Gene Chandler and House Republicans? And Jennifer Horn should probably be more concerned about her own house, since it has a lien on it for the $92,000 she owes in back taxes."


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