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Former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith endorses Newt Gingrich

New Hampshire Union Leader

December 02. 2011 10:04PM

CONCORD - Former New Hampshire U.S. Sen. Bob Smith is endorsing Newt Gingrich for President.

Smith said in his endorsement, 'It is not enough to simply defeat President Obama. We must replace him with an inspirational, experienced, conservative leader, with the guts to challenge and change the establishment. Newt Gingrich is that leader.'

The former senator said 2012 is a critical election that will either usher in an American revival or turn the country into a bankrupt, third world power.

He said conservatives need to do more than simply win the election; they need to make sweeping changes in Washington and the country. 'People want bold leadership, not deal making in the backroom of some congressional office building,' Smith said. 'No one has more bold ideas than Newt.'

Smith said he first met Gingrich when he was a freshman Congressman 25 years ago and the future Speaker of the House urged him to join the Conservative Opportunity Society where Gingrich would pass out assignments with the goal of overthrowing the politically bankrupt liberal Democratic Congress.

Years later, Gingrich did overthrow Congress with his Contract with America, Smith said. 'He challenged the establishment in his own party and the entrenched system of our opponents and he won. He can do the same thing again,' Smith noted.

Gingrich is the only conservative in the Republican Primary who can bring independent and moderate voters to the conservative cause, Smith said, because they will respect his intellect, knowledge, coolness under pressure and leadership, even if they do not agree with him on every issue.

He called Gingrich a true conservative who can win. 'We are about to elect the next leader of the free world and we need a steady, knowledgeable, smart president who can turn our ship of state around and chart a new course for America,' Smith said.

Joining Gingrich is a commitment to dramatically change the culture in Washington and save the nation, he said, but it will not be easy. 'The entrenched Washington establishment will not die easily. They will make it painful for Newt and for all of us who follow him,' Smith said. 'But our country, our constitution, our freedoms and our unalienable rights are worth the sacrifice.'

Smith served in Congress and two terms as U.S. Senator until he lost the 2002 Republican primary to John E. Sununu.

Gingrich, whose campaign is surging in the polls, was endorsed by the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News last week.

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