December 05. 2017 1:00AM

Strafford 15-year-old breaks records for powerlifting

Union Leader Correspondent

Emma Scruton, 15, of Strafford, is a powerlifting record setter. (Courtesy Photo)

STRAFFORD — A 15-year-old Strafford teen set four world records at a state powerlifting competition in Lebanon over the weekend.

Emma Scruton, who is 5’2” and weighs 160 pounds, squatted 240 pounds, bench-pressed 145 pounds and deadlifted 272.5 pounds during the Winter’s Wrath competition, which was hosted by Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate and held at KDR Fitness.

Scruton swept all three categories and set a new world record for the overall competition with a total lift of 657.5 pounds.

The former soccer player has been training at Vince Paquette’s gym in Rochester for about a year.

She was entered in the 15 to 16-year-old category, and this weekend’s competition was her first.

“I was extremely nervous at first but after the first lift I felt so comfortable. The friends I have met through powerlifting have become family and are so encouraging,” Scruton said Sunday.

Scruton explained what it was like to break the world record in the dead lift.

“My final dead lift attempt was for the world record, which was 270 pounds. I had never lifted beyond 265 pounds,” Scruton said. “I gave it all I had. I was able to lift it.”

Scruton trains three days a week at Paquette’s private gym with his son Caleb, who is 16-years-old. During the competition this weekend, Caleb Paquette set a world record for bench pressing 310 pounds. He is 5’8” and weighs 177 pounds.

Vince Paquette explained that the world records are for Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate competitions.

Paquette said Scruton’s success comes down to her natural talent and work ethic.

“I think she has just been consistent. She liked it and she was good at it, so we encouraged her,” Paquette said.

Scruton’s mother, Kim, said her daughter has always been strong.

“She’s always been out playing in the woods climbing trees,” Kim Scruton said Sunday.

Scruton is one of six children and is home-schooled.