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Family of 7 is grateful for the help

December 06. 2017 12:20AM

MANCHESTER — A 9-year-old whose parents are struggling to pay the family bills gave Santa a short list this year. 

“He knows there are people worse off than we are,” Sarah said of her son. “He said on Santa’s lap to give people who are worse off his toys.”

This year will mark the third straight that the Manchester family is participating in the Union Leader Santa Fund for the Salvation Army.

“Hopefully, I won’t have to use this next year,” said the mother of five. The fund is “the reason that my children have presents under the tree for Christmas.”

The family bills “went through the roof,” she said, and her husband might lose his job due to a medical condition. The family is getting help from welfare and Medicaid programs.

Her family had to vacate its apartment about six months ago because a relative with the name on the lease gave notice to move and didn’t tell anyone.

“We’ve been struggling to find a place,” Sarah said. “When you have five kids and two adults, it’s pretty hard.”

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Santa Fund donations may be made by sending a check to the Union Leader Santa Fund, in care of the New Hampshire Union Leader, 100 William Loeb Drive, Manchester 03109; or by placing a donation in the Santa Fund box in the lobby of the newspaper, at 100 William Loeb Drive, Manchester, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Donations can also be made online at

Every effort is made to promptly publish Santa Fund contributions. Donors who wish to see their contributions listed before Christmas are encouraged to submit them as soon as possible. If a donor wishes, we will publish photos of gifts of $1,000 or more.

Call Shannon Sullivan at 206-7833 for more information.

Santa Fund

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