October 21. 2017 6:39PM

Still 'our favorite California flake'


California Gov. Jerry Brown (Gary Coronado/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

When Jerry Brown was running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1976 against Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy, our Publisher William Loeb described the choice before Democrats as "stupid, the coward, and the flake."

Brown struck up a friendship with Loeb, who described Brown as "our favorite California flake."

Now in his second iteration as governor of California, Brown reminds us why Loeb liked him, despite their radically opposed political philosophies.

Brown stood up to the politically-correct mob that dominates the California Legislature, vetoing a bill that would have reinstated Obama-era "guidance" to colleges over how to handle sexual assault claims on campus.

Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded that guidance letter, encouraging colleges to treat rape claims as serious crimes, including protection of the rights of the accused.

The left has tried to frame this respect for the rule of law as pro-rape, and we're pleased to see Brown pushed back at this political opportunism.

Brown also vetoed a bill that would have required presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns, a clear jab at President Trump. We would welcome Trump keeping his promise to release his tax returns, but states should not bar legally qualified candidates from the ballot for refusing to share private information.

Brown has approved plenty of wacky ideas. California is a sanctuary state, it's legal to intentionally infect someone with a sexually-transmitted disease, and the state now recognizes three genders.

But Gov. Moonbeam seems to be the only thing keeping left-leaning California from falling into the Pacific.

The California Democratic Party has moved to the left of Jerry Brown.