September 25. 2017 9:07PM

Hudson board to review plan to expand on-ramp lanes toward Route 3

Union Leader Correspondent

HUDSON — The Hudson Board of Selectmen will hear from the town engineering department tonight about adding an extra lane on Lowell Road from Wason Road to the Circumferential Highway.

Town Engineer Elvis Dhima said Hudson wants to reduce emissions and delays along Lowell and Wason roads during morning commuting hours by adding another lane on Lowell and at the ramp heading to Sagamore Bridge.

The project cost is $1.5 million with 80 percent paid for by the state and the town’s portion paid for through already established corridor accounts related to traffic improvements. Dhima said the town is in the process of filing with the state Department of Transportation.

“We hope this project gets funded and completed by 2020,” he said. 

The construction would consist of roughly 1,000 feet of road work, modifications to the existing traffic signal on Wason and Lowell roads, and a right-of-way purchase along three Lowell Road properties.

A proposed Circumferential Highway portion that would have connected the Sagamore with Route 111 is on indefinite hold and traffic volume continues to increase.

Dhima said this project should be a priority because it benefits many towns in the region, because much of the traffic is due to abutting towns commuting through Hudson.

In June, the town formally submitted a letter of interest to the transportation department after motorists complained about significant traffic delays during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.

The town worked with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission to identify solutions on how to reduce emissions and alleviate congestion. The commission found one of the most optimal formulas is to construct an additional lane toward the existing ramp on the Sagamore bridge.