September 03. 2014 7:42PM

Another View -- Andrew Hemingway: It's time in NH for a new generation of leadership


I BELIEVE that our state motto, “Live free or die,” is not just a catchy marketing phrase, rather it is a statement of principle. Over the last 10 years, we have seen state government growing at a record pace, and when government grows the citizen shrinks. I seek to empower you, the citizen, with freedom.

I believe it is time for New Hampshire to advance with new, innovative ideas and solutions, and that is the platform I have based my campaign around. As a tech entrepreneur, I achieved success by identifying a need and developing an innovative solution to fix it. Below, you will read the innovative solutions that I have developed to solve New Hampshire’s largest challenges.

One of the biggest concerns I hear about on the campaign trail is the untenable regulatory and taxation climate for small businesses in New Hampshire. As a small businessman, I understand that, which is why I have proposed a revenue-neutral business flat tax (BFT.) I want to get rid of the business profits tax and the Medicaid enhancement tax, and lower the interest and dividends tax to just 2 percent — all while replacing the BET with the BFT. This is new. This is innovative, and this can be done.

I have proposed an expansion to the charitable gaming program that we have in New Hampshire. These businesses already exist; I say we use those resources. Rather than put up one grand, Vegas-style casino, we spread that revenue through municipalities, charities, businesses and the state.

I have proposed the most comprehensive privacy plan I’ve seen put forward in any state. We can’t stop the federal government from its invasion of privacy and overreach, but we can make it more difficult, and we can make sure none of it happens by our state or local authorities.

On education, let’s stop Common Core. When our kids graduate from school, they must compete in a global marketplace for both work and higher education. So why shouldn’t our education system be competitive in that global marketplace as well? With local control, proper state standards and getting the federal government’s “one-size-fits-all” method out of New Hampshire, we can do that.

We also need to repeal Medicaid expansion, reduce our health care costs and expand our citizens’ access to health care. We can do that by creating competition in the marketplace.

I have proposed these ideas and more because I do not think we can continue to tweak and bend our budget or economic policies and expect more than a tweak or bend in the results. We need innovation, we need change and we need to replace Maggie Hassan in the corner office in order to institute real leadership in Concord.

This race has come down to a race about experience. I agree, but we must look at the right kind of experience. I’ve lived in New Hampshire my whole life and am raising my children here and building my business here. I’ve worked in Concord getting bills passed, repealing the LLC tax and successfully electing 100 state representatives. I am the only candidate with the legislative and business experience to both beat Maggie Hassan in November and to succeed with real, innovative solutions to New Hampshire’s challenges, once in the governor’s office.

I represent the families, young and old, who have worked so hard so succeed. I represent the young person trying to make a start here. I represent a new generation of leadership, and that is why I humbly ask for your vote in the Republican gubernatorial primary on Sept. 9.

Andrew Hemingway is a small business owner running for the Republican nomination for governor.