July 23. 2014 10:16PM

Relief and questions: Abby Hernandez returns home


Abigail Hernandez, the Conway teen who went missing last October, returned home last Sunday, and for that New Hampshire is both grateful and deeply relieved.

Her disappearance worked its way into the hearts of many Granite Staters who felt for the family and wondered how they would ever deal with a similar situation in their own families.

The Attorney General’s Office is still trying to determine what Hernandez was doing these past nine months, how she managed to go completely off the grid, and whether any crime was committed. Those are all important questions, and they are ones to which the public deserves answers.

The AG’s office treated this as a major criminal case, and law enforcement agencies from Conway to Washington devoted tremendous resources to it. That turned it into a highly public case, and the people who paid for those investigations need to know what was found.

While that process continues, we join the rest of the state in breathing a sigh of relief that Hernandez was returned to her family, apparently safely.