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Letters from Annie: You've got taxpayer-funded mail!

June 23. 2014 11:55PM

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster has spent $293,000 in taxpayer dollars informing the residents of New Hampshire’s 2nd District about U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster. And still her approval rating is a hilariously dismal 27 percent, according to the latest University of New Hampshire poll. We wonder whether it has ever occurred to her that less exposure might make her more popular?

As former Rep. Frank Guinta did in the 1st District a few years ago, Kuster spent a ton on “franked” mailings to constituents during a time when her re-election appeared in doubt. Those are mailings paid for by taxpayers.

Kuster has spent six times as much on franked mail as the rest of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation combined. Not coincidentally, Kuster has by far the worst approval ratings in the delegation. Now she gets to explain, among many other unpopular positions she has taken, why she thought it justified to spend your hard-earned tax dollars on sending you mail about her.

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