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Manchester Crimewatch: City man arrested again after failing to meet bail conditions, arriving with wife

Staff Report
May 23. 2014 11:00PM

MANCHESTER — Biram Saidybah, 40, of 163 Concord St., was released on $500 personal recognizance after his arrest Thursday afternoon on misdemeanor charges of simple assault and obstructing the report of a crime and was scheduled for arraignment Friday at the 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester.

Saidybah is accused of slapping his wife’s face and ripping the phone out of her hand when she tried to call police, so the bail conditions barred contact with his wife and barred him from the Concord Street residence.

But when Saidybah showed up in court Friday with his wife, he was arrested again, for violating bail conditions.

Saidybah is now scheduled for arraignment Tuesday, when court sessions will resume, a day after their scheduled closure for Memorial Day.

He was wrong

Sean Charpentier, 22, of 526 Dubuque St., was arraigned Friday in 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester on misdemeanor charges of theft by unauthorized taking and possession of a controlled drug.

Charpentier, who lived with his father and grandparents, is accused of stealing his grandmother’s Bose radio from her bedroom after she forgot to lock the deadbolt and padlock on her door when she went downstairs Feb. 12.

Charpentier is also accused of signing for — and immediately stealing — the replacement radio when it was delivered by UPS April 4.

Court documents show Charpentier’s father told Det. David Dupont that he and his son lived with his parents and that Charpentier’s grandmother had put the locks on her bedroom door, because his son had stolen from his grandmother in the past.

At the time the second radio disappeared, according to the court documents, the grandmother was in her room. She said she heard Charpentier speaking with someone on the phone and then saw him leave the residence with something wrapped in a blanket. She said she saw him put it in the back seat of a vehicle, enter the vehicle and leave the area.

The box in which the radio had been delivered was sealed with the tape Charpentier’s grandfather had used when painting a spare bedroom. When it was opened, the box was empty.

According to the documents, when Dupont sought to talk with Charpentier May 10, the young man fled. When he was caught and questioned about the missing radios, he first claimed to know nothing about them, then told Dupont that a tall Mexican named “Julio” had stolen the radios, although he couldn’t explain how this person had gained entry to the house and access to the missing radios.

The documents also show that when Dupont spoke with Charpentier again and told him he suspected Charpentier of the thefts, Charpentier asked if the radios had been found. Told they hadn’t, Dupont wrote that Charpentier said: “If you can’t find the radios, then you can’t charge me with the theft.”

He was wrong. Dupont obtained an arrest warrant on theft charges. When Charpentier was arrested Thursday, he was found in possession of marijuana and was charged with possession of a controlled drug as well as the two theft misdemeanors.

Bail is $1,000 cash/surety, with conditions barring contact with his grandmother and barring him from the Dubuque Street address. His Trial has been set for June 24.

Charpentier was also sought on a warrant from Goffstown District Division for failure to appear on a theft by unauthorized taking charge.

Parole hold bars release

Kyle Ainsley, 25, of 92 Walnut St., could enter no plea Friday in 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester to a felony charge of possession of a narcotic.

Ainsley is accused of having a 30 mg oxycodone pill in his possession earlier Friday morning. Police investigating a report of two males engaged in suspicious activity in the area of Spruce and Massabesic streets, stopped Ainsley because he was there and matched the description given, including his black hooded sweatshirt.

Officer Ben Foster reported he asked Ainsley, who was identified by his Massachusetts license, if he would submit to a search and Ainsley agreed. Foster said he found a piece of tin foil with burn marks in Ainsley’s wallet, an item sometimes used in snorting drugs.

Foster reported Ainsley was forthcoming when asked if he used pills as a recreational drug. Foster said Ainsley said “yes” and admitted he had a pill on him, a Percocet.

Foster said a blue 30 mg oxycodone was wrapped in a dollar bill inside Ainsley’s wallet. Because Ainsley is on parole, a 72-hour hold was placed on him by his parole officer.

Bail was set at $10,000 cash/surety, but it will not become effective unless the parole hold is lifted. A probable cause hearing was set for June 5.

Multiple charges

A city man, sought for the stabbing of a Bedford man earlier this month, was arrested Wednesday after officers saw what appeared to be drug activity in the area of Pearl and Beech streets.

Phat Tay, 24, of 260 Pearl St., was arraigned Thursday in 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester on felony charges of first-degree assault, possession of a narcotic with intent to sell, and felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, as well as misdemeanors of theft of lost or mislaid property and contempt of court.

Tay had warrants for his failure to appear May 16 on a burglary charge and failure to pay fines on 2011 speeding violations.

Police said the stabbing victim sought help at the the Mesa Steakhouse Restaurant, 1707 S. Willow St., shortly after 7 p.m. May 12. Police prosecutor Richard Brown said the 22-year-old victim, from Bedford, was stabbed in a vehicle in the parking lot. Brown said the victim was “for lack of a better term, a customer of his.” The victim sustained life threatening injuries, stabbed once in the thigh and twice in the abdomen, leaving intestines exposed, said Brown. The victim, who was transported to the Elliot Hospital for treatment, is expected to recover. Police said Tay was identified as the stabbing suspect.

Members of the street crime unit Wednesday evening observed what appeared to be drug activity in the area of Bridge and Maple Streets and recognized Tay as one of the people involved. The detectives monitored Tay’s activity, ultimately seeing him enter the rear of a vehicle in the area of Pearl and Beech streets.

That vehicle was stopped in the area of Beech and Lowell streets and Tay was taken into custody. Brown said in court Thursday that Tay was found in possession of two bags, one containing smaller individual baggies, containing 30 mg oxycodone pills, with 91 total pills being recovered. Tay also had another man’s identification card in his possession.

Brown sought $75,000 cash/surety bail for Tay, who has convictions for resisting arrest, burglary and violation of probation, started in 2007.

Judge William Lyons set bail at the requested amount, with a hearing on the source of any funds offered for bail. A probable cause hearing on the felonies was set for June 5 and trial on the misdemeanor charges is June 24.

Biting the hand

A Canterbury man who was working for a woman at her city residence took the woman to the hospital when she became ill. Then, police said, Robert Lemire, 33, of 109 Ayers Road, went back to the woman’s residence and stole items, including two bracelets and earrings, valued at $7,230 and sold them to Cash for Gold, 8 Gabrielle St. for $610.

Bail was set at $1,000 cash/surety with conditions that include no contact with the victim and not going to her residence or to Cash for Gold.

A probable cause hearing on the felony receiving stolen property charge was set for June 5 and trial on the theft by deception misdemeanor was set for June 24.

Attempted strangulation charged

Jonathan Markow, 23, of 94 Arlington St., could enter no plea Thursday in 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester to a felony charge of second-degree assault that alleges he attempted to strangle his girlfriend, getting on top of her and squeezing her neck until she had difficulty breathing.

He pleaded innocent to a misdemeanor simple assault charge that alleges he pushed her in the chest area. Bail was continued at $10,000 cash/surety, with conditions that include no contact with the alleged victim and not going to the Arlington Street address.

Barred from residence

A city woman who was arrested for stalking on the same day she was charged with assaulting her ex-boyfriend, Thursday asked a 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester judge to lower the $5,000 cash/surety bail requested by prosecutors.

A police prosecutor said Melissa Tremblay, 20, of 3961 Brown Ave., was released on $500 personal recognizance bail Wednesday after being arrested for throwing a cell phone at her ex-boyfriend. She was scheduled for arraignment Thursday on that misdemeanor charge.

But the prosecutor said that after her release on bail, with conditions barring contact, Tremblay called the alleged victim and texted him later Wednesday, prompting her arrest on a stalking charge.

In requesting a $5,000 cash/surety bail, prosecutor Carrissa Pelletier said Tremblay received a suspended sentence on a 2011 assault conviction. In addition to standard conditions of no contact with the alleged victim and not returning to the Brown Avenue address, Pelletier requested a mental health evaluation be included as a bail condition, based on statements Tremblay made.

A tearful Tremblay asked Judge William Lyons: “Can you lower it?” Lyons set bail at $3,000 cash/surety, with the requested conditions. Trial on all charges was set for June 24.

No knowledge of incident

Michael Coltey, 47, of 485 Pine St., Thursday told 9th Circuit Court-District Division-Manchester Judge William Lyons that he knows nothing of the assault he’s been charged with.

Coltey is accused of kicking his girlfriend from behind early Thursday, causing her forehead to hit a wall.

“Somebody came to my house,” said Coltey, but he said he doesn’t know who it was or what happened.

A prosecutor requested $1,000 cash/surety bail for Coltey, saying his record dates back to 1986 and includes assault, drug and escape convictions, violations of probation and bail jumping. Coltey said he’s now drug-free.

The judge set bail at the amount requested by the prosecutor, with conditions barring contact with the alleged victim, barring Coltey from her residence and barring any consumption of alcohol by Coltey.

Trial was set for June 24.

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