April 28. 2014 9:37PM

Police: Manchester mother led break-in, assault

Staff Report

MANCHESTER — Police said they followed a blood trail to the Wilson Street apartment where a city woman, her son and a third person broke into the apartment and the woman announced: “We are going to rob you.”

The man who lives in the apartment said that he and his wife are “loosely related” to Melissa Murray, 36, of 244 Wilson St., and her son, Tyler, 19, who smashed a window to get into the apartment.

The male victim, who is in a wheelchair, told police that Murray and her son, Tyler, 19, and a man later identified as Amuri Diole, 20, of 57 Sullivan St., came into the apartment and assaulted them.

The man said he was sitting in the kitchen when he heard a window break and Murray and her son climbed through the broken window, unlocking the kitchen door for the third person, a short, stocky man.

The victim said he told Murray, who is a frequent visitor, to get out and that’s when she told him: “We are going to rob you.”

He said Murray then picked up a few pieces of glass and threw them at his face, causing cuts, which he said did not require medical attention.

He said his wife then entered the kitchen and began arguing with Murray, Tyler and Diole. She told police that Tyler had a hammer in his hand and was swinging it around and Diole had a small red bat, about a foot long.

The resident said she grabbed Murray’s left arm and started pushing her toward the door, with Tyler and Diole following. The woman said Murray had a piece of glass in her right hand and turned around and sliced her on the right arm. A police offier noted there was a piece of skin about the size of a quarter missing from her forearm, police said.

An officer who spotted Murray on the street and attempted to speak with her said she fled to her third floor residence at 244 Wilson St. She was scene through the door, standing in the kitchen bleeding from her left hand.

Officers forced their way in and, after a struggle, were able to handcuff Murray.

In Circuit Court-Manchester District Division Monday, Murray could enter no plea to charges of armed robbery, first-degree assault (2), and burglary, so a probable cause hearing was set for May 7. Trial on two misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest was set for June 4.

A police prosecutor said Murray had convictions in both 2012 and 2013 for resisting arrest and requested $25,000 cash/surety bail. Judge Gregory Michael set bail at a total of $15,000 cash/surety.

Tyler Murray was arraigned on felony charges of burglary and armed robbery and a probable cause hearing was set for May 7. Trial was set for June 4 on misdemeanors of resisting arrest and theft by unauthorized taking and a violation of unlawful possession of alcohol.

His bail is $10,000 cash/surety, but there is a 72-hour probation hold on him in connection with 2013 convictions in Hillsborough County Superior Court North for forgery and receiving stolen property.

The judge set bail at $1,500 personal recognizance for Diole, who pleaded innocent to a resisting arrest charge. Trial was set for June 4.