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Republican diversity: NH welcomes political ideas

April 12. 2014 12:00AM

We are glad to see and hear so many national Republican voices in New Hampshire this weekend, capped by yesterday's "Freedom Summit" here in Manchester. It is both a reminder that the Granite State remains an important part of the political process and a reflection that there is a good deal of strength and diversity of opinion in a party that some in the chattering class have pronounced dead on arrival.

Thoughtful, engaging younger players like Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Hampshire's own Kelly Ayotte share more ideas and views about America than divide them. Veteran lawmakers such as Newt Gingrich continue to challenge his party, and the nation, to innovate and think optimistically. And one can count on Donald Trump to make one think while provoking the bejesus out of liberals everywhere.

To be sure, not all the Republican players were at this conservative-leaning event. Governors past and present were elsewhere, including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal.

And one of the brightest stars in the Republican firmament, one whose political courage matches his conservative convictions, was not here but will surely be in New Hampshire between now and a certain 2016 primary. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's name was on a lot of people's minds this spring weekend in the Granite State.

All good. Republicans of various stripes are offering up and debating suggested solutions to America's problems while too many Democrats, alas, are fixated on fleeing from the shambles of Obamacare that has so far cost just one Cabinet secretary her job while it has cost too many Americans time, money and jobs.

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