March 31. 2014 3:26PM

Four iPads stolen in burglary at Nashua Public Library

Union Leader Correspondent

NASHUA - A window was shattered and four iPads were stolen during a burglary Friday evening at the Nashua Public Library.

A window leading into the children’s room of the library was intentionally smashed, and someone gained access to the facility and stole the electronic devices, according to Jennifer Hinderer, director of the library.

Police said a security alarm was activated around 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and authorities are continuing to investigate the crime. The library closed about two hours before the break-in.

“I am disappointed and frustrated,” Hinderer said Monday morning. “The iPads are really of great value to the kids that use them.”

The iPads, which were bolted and secured with a steel cable to a library table, have been available for use inside the children’s room for about a year.

“They are such a good way to integrate technology into early literacy,” said Hinderer. “I’m sure the city’s insurance will replace them, but you can’t replace that happy feeling.”

The iPads were equipped with several apps and various educational games, along with youth-sized headphones appropriate for younger children, according to Hinderer. Whoever stole the devices may have difficulty accessing some of the applications since they are password protected, she said.

No other items were stolen from the facility, and nothing else was disturbed within the library, according to Hinderer.
The window that was broken into has since been boarded up.
Local police are continuing to investigate the burglary.