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The Pope's anniversary: Viewing him through different lenses

March 15. 2014 9:23PM

The one-year anniversary of Pope Francis last week had much of the liberal American media continuing to put their own spin on the man and the Catholic Church he leads. It is amusing to watch.

From day one of his papacy, some in the media have attempted to shape the Pope's every word and gesture to comport with their own liberal agenda. It is akin to their obsession with horse-race political polls. Easier to report how potential candidates fare in polls than to examine their positions on issues.

Some in the media want the Pope to renounce church teachings on gay marriage, priestly marriage, and, no doubt, any marriage.

They would like nothing better and are probably praying (we use the term loosely) for Francis to come out for abortion on demand.

Last week, some news outlets seemed terribly confused and exasperated that an American poll (yes, back to polls) showed that Francis has not moved the needle at all on the number of Catholics in the U.S. After all they have done to build this guy up as the liberal liberator of the downtrodden dogmatics, they seemed genuinely disappointed that people weren't signing up en masse.

It doesn't work that way. Different people will see what they wish to see in this new Holy Father. We will simply wish him, and the Catholic Church, the best in this season of Lent.

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