February 25. 2014 5:27PM

New Hampshire begins spring ritual: posting road weight limits

CONCORD — A sign of spring is here in the many frostheave alerts posted around the state.

This week, state Transportation Commissioner Christopher Clement ordered the customary spring load limits for state highways.

No stretches of state roads are restricted just yet. When warmer weather arrives and pavement can break up as frost heaves, DOT will post the affected roads on the 511NH map link on the New Hampshire Traffic Management Center website: NHTMC.com.

Highway maintenance engineers around the state review roads and post the limits as necessary.

The maximum allowable weight on posted sections is 30,000 pounds gross weight, or the cumulative width in inches of all tires contacting the road surface multiplied by 300 — whichever one is less.

State law exempts heating fuel delivery trucks and vehicles delivering processed milk products from the seasonal load limits.