February 04. 2014 1:52AM

Police: Gun toss followed flight

MANCHESTER — A passenger in a vehicle pulled over by police ended up under arrest on a gun charge after police said he fled the scene and tossed a loaded gun as officers were chasing him.

Samuel Ramos Torres, 21, of 174 Central St., was charged with carrying a weapon without a license, falsifying physical evidence and resisting arrest.The incident happened Saturday about 4:45 p.m. when an officer pulled over a vehicle being driven by Michael Sullivan, 23, of 138 Beech Hill Road at South Beech and Spring Garden Drive. Sullivan was arrested for operating the vehicle after his license was suspended.Torres was wanted on an electronic bench warrant and when the officer told him he was being arrested, police said Torres ran.

Another officer chased him through a nearby cemetery where he saw Torres allegedly toss an item and continue running. Torres later was found hiding in the backyard of a residence and was arrested.Police said they found a loaded handgun in the same area where the officer saw Torres throw something away.

In another incident on Sunday, a Newmarket man was arrested for prowling and possessing a controlled drug after he tried to entered a home on Kimball Street.A caller told police the man appeared to be "dazed" and, after being denied entry, fled the area. Officer Jake Tyler and his K-9 Bud tracked the man to Moore and Bremer streets. He was later identified as Paul Dietterle, 31, of 4 Smith Garrison Road.Police said Dietterle appeared to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and could not give a reason why he was in the area at 3 a.m. He was arrested for loitering/prowling, and police said when they searched him they found he had an amphetamine on him.