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Portsmouth 'unscathed' after First Night celebration

By Bill Smith
New Hampshire Union Leader

January 01. 2014 4:15AM

PORTSMOUTH -- The annual First Night celebration of the New Year brought few problems for Portsmouth police Tuesday, as the biggest problem noted by department officials was the demand for taxicabs after last call.

"We came through unscathed," said Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn. "The biggest issue was people who were trying to be responsible waiting in the cold for a cab."

While thousands flocked to the waterfront city for New Year's eve festivities, Kaltenborn said there were no arrests and only two minor traffic accidents, neither of which involved an inebriated motorist.

Kaltenborn said after the 1 a.m. closing time for bars and nightclubs, patrons were lined up outside many of the city's establishments waiting for a ride from one of the city's licensed taxis. Some patrons had to wait for a half-hour or more before a cab became available.

"You had to feel sorry for them, out in the cold, trying to do the responsible thing," Kaltenborn said.

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