December 28. 2013 4:36AM

Police say domestic assault call in Salisbury ends in manhunt and two arrests

Danny McKenzie 

Search teams found a pump shotgun tucked into a crack between the stones of an old train bridge. (Courtesy)

SALISBURY -- State police said what started out as a report of a domestic assault at a Scribner Road residence ended with a manhunt - including a search by helicopter - and two arrests Friday night.

A press release from Troop D in Concord said state police responded to the report of the domestic assault at 4:45 p.m.

After arriving at 56 Scribner Road, police said a man, later identified as Stuart McKenzie, 26, of Salisbury had fled on foot into nearby woods. Police said they were told McKenzie had a shotgun and a box believed to contain ammunition. Witnesses told police they heard five shots from the area where they had seen McKenzie enter the woods.

Police said they formed up down the road from the house, then drove to it and entered, where they found people inside were safe. Once the house and outbuildings were secure, police officers formed a perimeter in an attempt to contain McKenzie, while several troopers remained at the house in case he returned.

The area where McKenzie was hiding was large and police said they were told he was an experienced outdoorsman who knew the woods very well. Police also went door-to-door to warn neighbors and search for Mackenzie.

While at the Scribner Road residence, police said they learned of a separate domestic assault, and arrested Danny McKenzie, 55, of Salisbury. Police said Danny McKenzie resisted arrest, and was taken into custody on charges of simple assault, criminal threatening, and resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, police found fresh tracks in new snow outside during the search for Stuart McKenzie. Given his reputation as an outdoorsman and his knowledge of the area, police said they brought in a State Police helicopter to aid in the search. Despite the use of infrared search technology from the air, and night-vision goggles by the officers on the ground, police said the terrain and trees effectively concealed Stuart McKenzie.

Police said officer who remained at 56 Scribner Road learned McKenzie was in contact with several people via cell phone. As state police attempted to track his location via his cell phone, police said they learned McKenzie believed troopers in the helicopter had learned his location. McKenzie then emerged from the woods and returned to 56 Scribner Road, where he was arrested without incident.

Stuart McKenzie was transported to the Franklin police station for processing. He has been charged with three counts of simple assault, felon in possession of a firearm, and a felon in possession of ammunition, He was also wanted on an electronic bench warrant and is being held on the electronic bench warrant at the Merrimack County Jail. He will be arraigned on the remaining charges on Feb. 11 in Franklin District Court.

Danny McKenzie was transported to the Franklin Police Department for booking. He was released on bail and is also scheduled to appear in Franklin District Court on Feb. 11.

Police said when Stuart McKenzie was arrested, he did not have a gun or box of ammunition with him. After he was taken away, troopers searched the area by backtracking the path McKenzie had taken. The search yielded five spent shotgun shells, a box of ammunition hidden under a stump, and a pump shotgun tucked into a crack between the stones of an old train bridge.

State police from Troop D, Troop B, and Troop G, as well as officers from the Merrimack County Sheriff's Department, and Sutton, Warner and Webster police departments participated in the search. State police, local police and Salisbury Fire/Rescue cleared the scene at approximately 11 p.m.