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December 20. 2013 1:51PM

NH Supreme Court reverses domestic violence order predicated on hyperbole

The following facts are drawn from the record. The parties have been divorced since 2008. On December 9, 2012, the defendant sent a text message to the plaintiff telling her that his grandmother had just died, but asking her not to tell their child. During the course of approximately fifteen subsequent reciprocal messages, the exchanges became heated, and the plaintiff testified 2 that, in his final text, the defendant wrote, “Whatever. Wish you would die in a fiery crash.” She filed her petition for a domestic violence protective order the
following day. ..

...Although the defendant’s “wish” may well be regarded as reprehensible, we conclude that the plaintiff did not present sufficient evidence that the defendant’s “wish” amounted to a threat to commit a crime or that his purpose in sending the message was to terrorize her, rather than merely to express transitory anger. ...



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General News

Portsmouth could earn place in Monopoly

PORTSMOUTH — The city is in the running to become part of a new Monopoly game board, if enough people vote for Portsmouth in the Monopoly 'Here and Now' campaign as part of Hasbro's 80th anniversary celebration of the iconic board game.

Carroll County Sheriff' Office threatens not help angry owners of towed vehicles

OSSIPEE — Carroll County Sheriff's Office says people should be nice to its dispatchers or they run the risk of not being helped if their car is towed.

America’s forgotten images of Islam

Popular early U.S. tales depicted Muslims as menacing figures in faraway lands or cardboard moral paragons.
In 1810, for instance, the New Hampshire Patriot ran a story called 'Mohammedan Forbearance,' depicting a Muslim caliph as a model of faith and morality.

Drinking vanilla extract leads to DWI in Belmont?

In a written media statement, police said that arrest of Kimberlee O'Riordan took place February 21 at 12:30 p.m. and that she told police she had consumed an unknown number of bottles of vanilla extract.

Maine weighs revoking seat belt law days after 75-car pileup

Just two days after a 75-vehicle pileup injured at least 17 people in the state, lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation that would allow adults to opt out of wearing seat belts.


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