December 08. 2013 12:25AM

UNH unveils new 'shield' logo

New Hampshire Union Leader

DURHAM — A new logo for the University of New Hampshire was unveiled Saturday, months after a controversy erupted over possible designs and the costs of the project.

The selected logo was described by the university as a "crisp, contemporary shield that strongly displays 'NH.'"

It will be used by the university's three campuses in Durham, Manchester, and Concord for digital, print and environmental branding. The blue and white logo "expresses UNH's official colors and symbolically represents the blue water and white snow that draw so many people to the Granite State," a press release from the school said.

The logo selected was not the same as any of three logos released months ago, when UNH found itself answering questions as to why it hired a New York City design firm, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, at a cost of $65,000 to redesign UNH's logo.

The release said the final design was chosen by a panel of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

"The University of New Hampshire now has one symbol that conveys boldness and clarity around our mission of innovation and success for our students and alumni while connecting New Hampshire with the global economy," said President Mark Huddleston. "Like any serious enterprise in a competitive marketplace, we must invest in and manage our identity clearly and with consistency for those who know of our excellence and those who are learning about UNH for the first time."

The new logo replaces the 15-year-old image of UNH's Thompson Hall clock tower. School officials had said the logo was representative of the Durham campus, but didn't connect with the Manchester or Concord campuses.

The athletic teams' logo of a wildcat was not changed. The new logo was unveiled during Saturday's hockey game against Boston College.

Here are reactions from some of the students at the game:

Ryan Thiebauth, senior: "It's all right. I kind of like the old-school one better because of its simplicity."

Jess Snowdon, sophomore: "It looks a little old-fashioned. It looks almost like we're an online college — just a place you can just take online classes."

Kate Murray, senior: "It's okay. I liked the T-Hall (Thompson Hall) one better, but I guess it didn't include the other locations."

Allison Wood, sophomore: "I don't know why they went with a shield. It's got an older look to it."