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Sister mourns 'teddy bear' of a brother slain in Manchester double shooting

New Hampshire Union Leader

November 28. 2013 10:05PM

Edgar "Eddie" Hoffens was one of two men fatally shot Nov. 24 in Manchester. (Courtesy)

MANCHESTER - The sister of a man killed in a double shooting is grieving the loss of one brother and worrying about what the future holds for another.

Samantha Hoffens released a statement Thursday detailing her feelings since learning her younger brother Edgar "Eddie" Hoffens, 22, was one of two men fatally shot Sunday on Lake Avenue. Hours later, David H. Hoffens, 21, was arrested for one count of falsifying physical evidence. He told police he'd fled the shooting scene and thrown away a gun, holster and sweatshirt.

According to court documents, David Hoffens also told police he shot Charles Cable, 20, but "didn't mean to do it."

"So many people have their own scenarios, but the thing we all must remember is two human lives were ended," Samantha Hoffens said in her statement. "No matter what the circumstances, they are someone's loved ones and there is a lot of grief and trauma for the families."

She told the Union Leader the written statement began as a personal essay posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

"It was kind of a way to mourn," Hoffens said. "I just wanted to express myself for my family and the others. Everybody deserves peace and respect."

Samantha Hoffens said she was not allowed to speak about the case itself, and asked for her written words to stand as a statement on behalf of herself and the Hoffens family.

She is just over a year older than Edgar, who she said would have turned 23 on Dec. 18. She said they were like twins and described her brother as a tall, bulky "teddy bear" who was goofy, silly and caring.

A student at UCLA majoring in gender studies with a minor in Afro-American studies, Samantha Hoffens referenced a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about violence leading to destruction rather than resolution. While King's comments were about racial justice, Hoffens felt the quote was fitting in a non-racial dispute that escalated to the point of two men being shot to death.

"We need to live and learn. Not live and die over revenge," Hoffens wrote, "My family wishes to mourn and understands that that is what the other families involved would like to do. Let's honor who have died and those who are mourning by respecting each other."

Autopsies have been completed on both men, but authorities say the results will likely not be released until Monday. Investigators said they are trying to match the evidence to witness statements before concluding what led to the shootings.

David Hoffens lived with his brother, Edgar, and mother, Cynthia Hoffens in a first-floor apartment at 331 Lake Ave. It was outside that apartment that Edgar's body and a mortally wounded Charles Cable were discovered Sunday afternoon.

Samantha Hoffens made a brief reference in her statement about Edgar Hoffens "trying to keep the peace."

"We should all take a little bit of his example and talk before acting out in rage," she wrote.

David Hoffens pleaded guilty last month to threatening to kill his brother, Edgar, and was given a fine and suspended sentence.

No charges have been filed related to the shootings. David Hoffens remains free on bail on the falsifying evidence charge.

Samantha Hoffens said the family was struggling through Thanksgiving while trying to plan Edgar Hoffens' funeral. The family has set up two funds for Hoffens' burial expenses. As of Thursday afternoon, nearly $1,500 had been pledged to an online fundraising page.

To make donations:

TD Bank. Acct # 9245145952. Edgar Hoffens Burial Fund.

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