November 24. 2013 8:17PM

Mass. man accused of assaulting Salem police officer indicted on 5 charges

Union Leader Correspondent

BRENTWOOD — A Massachusetts man who is accused of knocking over a Salem police officer and running into oncoming traffic along Route 38 after being handcuffed is now facing a felony charge, including possessing the drug called ‘K2’ or ‘Spice’, according to prosecutors.

Corey Welch, 22, of Dracut, Mass., was indicted by a grand jury on five charges in Rockingham County Superior Court for his July 21 arrest after police pulled over his car. Welch faces up to 3 ½ to 7 years on the attempted escape charge if he is convicted by a jury.

The simple assault charge is punishable by up to two to five years in prison. Welch allegedly ran into Officer Nick Turner and knocked him down before taking off. Turner pulled over a car Welch was driving near Route 38 and Delaware Drive on July 17, around 5:17 p.m. Police said Welch claimed he had no identification on him, and then gave false information about his identity. Turner was able to find his correct information and found out that his license was suspended, police said.

Welch was asked to step out of the vehicle and then told he was under arrest.

Police said that’s when Welch became aggressive, trying to break away from the officer. Police handcuffed him after a brief struggle.

Welch was handcuffed and walked over to the police cruiser, where he began tussling again with the officer, police said.Welch then rushed at Turner, knocking him backwards then took off running, according to indictments. Welch allegedly ran against oncoming traffic along Route 38, but was tackled by Turner after running roughly 50 yards down the road, according to police. Welch continued kicking and flailing, police said. More Salem officers responded to the scene and helped get Welch under control.

Police said they found small packets of synthetic marijuana known as “Spice” on Welch. Prosecutors added another charge of Welch allegedly transporting the drugs in his car.

Welch will be arraigned on the five charges Dec. 5.