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Father's relative: Abigail Hernandez’s dad ‘heartbroken’ over disappearance of his daughter

Union Leader Correspondent

November 05. 2013 5:43PM
A race car from Jeremy Davis Motorsports in Tamworth now displays information about Abigail Hernandez, who has been missingsince Oct. 9. (DAN SEUFERT PHOTO)

CONWAY — David Velasquez says that though Abigail Hernandez’s father, Ruben Hernandez, has only lived part time in New Hampshire, he is as close to Abigail as Abigail’s mother is.

Ruben Hernandez is an architect who spends half his time at a home in New Hampshire and half his time in his native state of Texas, according to Velasquez, of Houston, who is Ruben Hernandez’s nephew.

Hernandez, the father of the 15-year-old Kennett High School freshman who has been missing since she disappeared after leaving school on Oct. 9, is extremely upset at the fact that she cannot be found.

“Abby and Sarah (Abigail’s older sister) were maybe even closer to (Ruben Hernandez) than she was to her mother (Zenya Hernandez of North Conway),”said Velasquez.

“My uncle is so heartbroken right now; there’s no way he can talk about it; he wouldn’t be able to talk about it yet,” Velasquez said on Tuesday.

Velasquez said he and Ruben Hernandez, who are devout Christians, “pray about this every day.”

“Everyone on this side of the family is devastated, too,” he said.

He said Ruben Hernandez has family with homes in Sugarland, Texas, and Houston. He said Abigail and her sister visited their father in Texas as recently as last Christmas.

He said she had been in touch with him since then, but he was unsure when.

1,000 tips to FBI

Investigators say they still have no firm direction to follow in the case, but state and federal law enforcement officials are still performing “targeted” investigations based on tips they have received, which now number more than 1,000.

He said Abigail is a “wonderful, sweet girl” who has an especially close relationship with her father.

And he agreed with previous statements by Zenya Hernandez about the unlikely possibility that she ran away.

“People watching from outside may say this is a runaway; this is not a runaway, no way,” he said.


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