October 29. 2013 10:56PM

Police say McIntyre Ski Area vandalized by three juveniles

MANCHESTER — Police investigating vandalism Sunday at the McIntyre Ski Area said three male juveniles were captured on video breaking into the pump house, where they caused significant damage to equipment and property inside.

They were also apparently able to access keys to several vehicles and used one set to steal a dump truck parked in the lot and drive it throughout the property, causing damage to some wooden guard rails and a fenceline along the top of the hill, where they abandoned the truck.

Police said the truck was also extensively damaged, apparently as a result of off-road maneuvers that resulted in significant property damage at the ski area.

Police said two of the males depicted in the video appear to be teenagers and the third person is believed to be younger.

As a result of following up on leads and tips, police have identified one of the teens as a 15-year-old city youth.

The investigation is ongoing and police expect to be able to identify the other two males involved.

Anyone with more information about the incident is asked to contact Manchester Police at 668-8711.