October 26. 2013 1:27AM

Obama's disastrous run: Incompetence at every turn


The disaster that is the Obama administration continues to offer up further proof of it.

As this newspaper wrote just weeks ago, the nation needs the serious adults in the room to step forward and try to steer the ship of state until Jan. 20, 2017. It won't be easy.

The only good news for Obama and fans is that with each new revelation of incompetence, the previous ones momentarily fade. Remember Benghazi? News continues to demonstrate that Hillary Clinton's State Department ignored pleas for more security there and, worse, refused to send help when the fatal terrorist attack came.

Remember Obamacare? The good news there, supposedly, was that so many people were trying to sign up, the computer system crashed.

Now we know that the system was rushed into being (despite three years of supposed planning) and never properly overseen by Obama's administration. An "end-to-end" test of the system was limited to just 200 users. We suspect a Mitt Romney team would have done a bit better.

We also now know why Obama won't say how many people have signed up on the health insurance website. A survey finds that the great majority of visitors who did try the site were not signing up but were just curious.

Now there is the little matter of Obama not knowing what to do in the face of further leaks about American high-tech spying on our allies.

Nations have spied on each other since long before Joseph Conrad made it famous in his novel "The Secret Agent," and they always will. But despite the promise of further revelations from the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, Obama appears totally unprepared for them.

The worry here is that this apologist for American exceptionalism will attempt to save face by agreeing to things that further damage American security.

The President's team may be hoping that some other scandal will draw the public's attention next week.

We would suggest the IRS targeting of conservative groups. But the only incompetence there was that they got caught at it.