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NH GOP hopes The promise of 2014

October 24. 2013 12:40AM

The partial government shutdown was a big political loser for the GOP, but New Hampshire Republicans still have reason to be hopeful. Recent polls suggest that they have real opportunities, if only they can make the most of them.
As at the national level, Republicans in New Hampshire have a penchant for producing self-inflicted wounds. Fortunately for them, so do the Democrats. Two of their self-inflicted wounds are currently serving in Congress.
Neither Rep. Carol Shea-Porter nor Rep. Annie Kuster is popular. (Kuster's favorability rating was down to only 23 percent in last week's UNH poll.) Though Republicans have to answer for the shutdown, Democrats have to answer for Obamacare and the economy.
The toxic touch of Obamacare was made clear this week when Sen. Jeanne Shaheen came out in favor of delaying the open enrollment deadline. Shaheen is another New Hampshire Democrat not doing so well these days.
The 2014 elections are looking bad for Democrats. Republicans even have a shot against Gov. Maggie Hassan. As always, they will need quality candidates. This is where they tend to wound themselves. If only they can avoid bad choices. But that is a big if.

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